End of the year activity

Brakkenstein. Nijmegen

Announcing the last official Cognac activity for this schoolyear, the creatively named end of the year activity. Taking place in Brakkenstein, it's our first physical activity post-lockdown! We will be playing games and drinking some versnaperingen to celebrate finishing the year. Don't miss this last chance to see your fellow Cogniolen before the summer break. Dont forget to register in time, since we only have 60 spots.

AI* of the month April: Mona Tenbusch

We proudly present to you the AI* of the month April (yeah, I know it's June right now): Mona Tenbusch! She told me all about how she came to Nijmegen, why she still goes back to Germany so often, and why she occasionally puts a lot of shoe cream in her hair. She thinks it would be cool to have an elephant as a pet, but she would prefer to have two other animals. Wanna know more? I know you do. Click that 'Read more!' button!

AI* of the month March: Micha Lobbezoo

Our AI* of March, all the way from Zeeland, is the one and only Micha Lobbezoo. Do you want to know about Micha's experience as part of the Beta Gala committee, his passion for Zoutelande, or the food he is obsessed about? Then look no further and read this interview!

Asking Alumni #1

Okay, we get it; AI is all around us. It is used in almost any field imaginable, and the job opportunities are simply endless. As an AI-student myself, I found myself with a great uncertainty of where my future is taking me because of this. I decided to reach out for advice to those who have been able to deal with my struggle in the past, our alumni. These kind people took their time to review their career for me: the choices they made, the problems they had to deal with, and what in the end made it all worth it. Today I present to you the first four replies I got. A huge thanks to Hielke, Joris, Jonas and Paul for being a part of this.

Collection of short stories: Stuff that could’ve happened in Toronto during the CognAC trip 2020.

Are you also crying from the fact that the CognAC trip 2020 did not happen this year? The TraC is giving you a peek in their diary, describing day per day what could have happened in Toronto if we would have been there.

Opdracht van een trainee bij Achmea [Dutch]

IT Management trainee Zoë Meijer: ''Als trainee pak je het allemaal mee!''

Everything you need to know about our committee system!

Where did the committee sign up moment go? I want to join a committee, but there are no spots! When can I join/leave a committee? Have any of these thoughts ever occurred to you, or do you just want to know about our committee system in general, then make sure to read this masterpiece. 😊

PaparaC's April Horoscope

WELCOME to the PaparaC HOROSCOPE! Do you like it when other people tell you things about, well, YOU?? Do you like discovering new truths, getting predictions or receiving advice? Of course!! Who doesn’t?! You’re in the right place!

CognAC Discord Activities

The CognAC E-vening was a huge success and because of that will continue to be a weekly activity until the COVID-19 precautions are over. So, if you’d like to play some games or just to catch up with fellow CognACers feel free to tune in on our Discord every Tuesday from 20:00-22:00. Furthermore, we are always open to new ideas for online activities, so input is always welcome! Read further to see how you can help us and what our Discord provides. 😊

CognAC and COVID-19: updates

Due to the recent course of affairs regarding the new Corona virus (COVID-19), we want to update you on where we as CognAC stand in all this, and what measures we are taking to prevent spreading of the virus as much as possible. We are currently following the policies given by the government and the university when making decisions regarding the Corona virus. 

Board applications are open!

A board year, undoubtedly one of the best ways to grow as a person for a student. Get to know many new skills, people and more importantly: yourself. CognAC is looking for a new board, and you could just be a part of this! Read more to see what it entails, and how to apply.

Real Life Monopoly 2020 [CANCELLED]

Real Life Monopoly 2020 is here! Participation is free, travelling is free, the only thing it will cost you is time! Enroll now for one of the most fun activities of the year, either as a judge or as a team. The enrollment deadline is April 4th, 23:59. All additional info can be found in this post!

AI* of the month February: Laura Loenen

I’m glad to announce that our AI* of February is Laura Loenen. Do you want to read more about this enthusiastic person? Well, it’s your lucky day! In this interview you can read all about her experiences in the 1MCA and about her board year at the RAGweek.

Committees insAIde: The MaC

As most committees consist of Bachelor students and their activities are also focused on Bachelor students, for example regarding informational level, and it is found that the Masters consist of a somewhat different audience, long, long ago, the Masters Committee was invented. But what does the MaC actually do? You can read it here!

New merchandise special!

Yay! No need to waste plastic bags ever again. Now you can use this quarter's merchandise special instead: a sustainable, washable sandwich bag!

AI* of the month January: Arne Wittgen

Our lovely AI* of January is Arne Wittgen. Want to know why he came to Nijmegen? Or about the huge list of hobbies this busy bee has? Or about the memes he introduced on the PaparaC cloud? Then look no further, it is all included in this wonderful interview :)

Committees InsAIde: the 1C

Joining a committee can be quite a step if you don't know how it works, luckily we got the 1C to exactly learn that. Through organizing two activities they got to know all the ins and outs of committee work and most importantly had a fun time together, read more about their experience here!

AI* of the month December: Emma Beekman

We proudly present to you the AI* of the month December: travel enthusiast Emma Beekman. Are you curious about her background, why she came to Nijmegen, why she's going to teach high school students an AI course, or why she fell asleep during a date once? Of course you are! Therefore, I strongly advise you to read this interview with the one and only :)

Annual design contest winners!

It’s time! Time for what? Time to order the annual CognAC sweater of 2019-2020!

Committees insAIde: The WkC

Every year the WkC organizes a CognAC weekend. The weekend is, when measuring in the amount of CognAC members joining, by far the biggest multiple day event with 60+ people joining. In this post some more light is shed about what being a CognAC weekend committee member is like, and how much fun it actually is.

AI* of the month November: Anna Pillar

The AI* of November is the lovely Anna Pillar. If you want to know more about her life, why she moved to Nijmegen, her future plans as baker and her role within CognAC, I would suggest to read further :).

AI* of the month October: Fien Ockers

The AI* of October is our previous Chief of External Affairs, Fien Ockers. If you want to know what she is doing in her free time or what her idea about a CognAC tinder is all about, then have a look at this interview!

Annual sweater design contest

Surprise! The Annual CognAC Sweater Contest is back, a bit earlier in the year this time so you guys can still wear the custom sweater during some of the colder days of the year! Do you want to have all AI-ers wearing your design? Then this is your only chance of the year!

Committees insAIde: The PC

Every year, we organize a Parents day, where our parents (or other family members) will learn more about the AI programme and about student life in Nijmegen. To make everything go smoothly and let people enjoy the day at university the fullest, we have the PC! Read more here about this lovely committee.

AI* of the month September: Sigur de Vries

We proudly present to you our very first AI* of 2019-2020: the one and only Sigur de Vries! Are you dying to know what Sigur's life motto is? Or are you a broke student who is interested in a recipe for an easy and cheap, but still very delicious student meal? Say no more! Read our interview with Sigur here!

The merchandise form is open!

The wait is finally over: the CognAC merchandise is back! You can buy shirts, jackets, sweatpants and undies every quarter. And to top it off, every quartile, you can order a special item: this time it's CognAC caps!

Committees insAIde: The WebC

The WebC. One of these weird committees that people usually never see or hear about. Who are they? Do they actually do committee work or do they just meet up and play Minecraft while they claim to be “working on the website”. Let me tell you, the WebC is a real committee and does real work. This post will shed some light on the WebC, the actual work it carries out, and give you an idea whether the WebC is a committee for you.

CognAC studytrip 2020

Every other year, the Travel Committee, also known as the TraC, organises a trip for the members of CognAC. The next trip will be held on 23 April 2020 – 1 May 2020 (SAVE THE DATE!!). Since the spots always fill up very quickly, we want you to have an extra chance to get one before the enrollments open! If you keep reading, you can find more about the rules of the game and how to play.

AI* of the month July: Sven Berberich

I had the pleasure of getting to interview our future Chief of Education, Sven Berberich. Read more about his favorite video games, his interest in Blender and why he likes Japan so much!

AI* of the month June: Max Gardien

Are you curious why Max' favourite word is 'dynamo'? Do you want to know what he does in his free time and which epic journeys he has made? Then read on and get to know Max!

Last opportunity to buy CognAC Merchandise!

There are 10 more days to buy CognAC merchandise. Will you rock your CognAC shirt during the four-days march parties, or perhaps advertise CognAC in your sweatpants when watching Netflix all day on the couch?

AI* of the month May: Isabel Burgos

Here I present the first Norwegian AI* of the month: Isabel Burgos. Read here to get to know more about what Isabel does in her free time, her experiences during the past Sweden trip and much more!

CorrelAid Lecture

Many data scientists, professionals and students alike, have come to terms with the fact that they will have a professional life to earn money and if they want to have an impact in the world they can do that outside of their daily work - may it be through volunteering or donations. At CorrelAid we want to show that having a positive impact and working with data don’t have to be separate aspects of your life.

Board Interview - Fien

It's time for another board interview! This time Fien Ockers is in the spotlights. Get to know all about her function, the Chief of External Affairs, and her life outside CognAC. Did you know she makes tea in the microwave? Click her to explore her life.

AI* of the month April: Sanne de Kleijn

Sanne's last interview was posted exactly one year ago; plenty of stuff happened in between. For instance, in the meantime she became AI* of the month April! Read all about why she became AI*, travelling and cooking tips, as well as how she experienced the last CognAC lustrum as the lustrumcommittee chair.

Board Interview - Francesca

Finally, a new episode of Board Interviews. This time, it is Francesca's turn to be interviewed. Read all about her position in the board and her life next to it.

Buy the Limited Edition Annual CognAC Sweater!

One of our members, Manon de Jonge to be exact, designed the annual CognAC sweater. It is up for sale until the fifth of May, do not miss out!

Olympus Lustrum Week

Our umbrella association for the faculty of science, Olympus, is celebrating their 15th birthday. We're going to kick it off with a huge borrel, and from there we'll be treated with a special BeestFeest, a Potluck lunch, a petting zoo behind Huygens and much much more. Check it all out in this post!

Real Life Monopoly 2019 is here!

Real Life Monopoly 2019 is here! Participation is free, traveling is free, the only thing it will cost you is time! Enroll now for one of the most fun activities of the year, either as a judge or as a team. The enrollment deadline is April 14th, 23:59. All additional info can be found in this post!

AI* of the month March: Thomas de Lange

Well on time our AI* of March walked in to give his first public interview: Thomas de Lange! Do you want to get to know more about the place in his picture, what to cook when you have no inspiration for dinner, or what our LoLCo Chair thought of the LCN? Get to know this and much more in this interview!

Annual CognAC Sweater Contest

The Annual CognAC Sweater Contest is back! Send in your designs now, you can do so until the 7th of April 23:59. If you're not great at designing, do not worry: you can provide us with a sketch or concept, and we'll make your dreams come true. Good luck!

Stress Panel

On 20.03. the Master DPC organizes a stress discussion panel starting 18:00 in SpA.01.08. As many students struggle more or less with stress in their academic lives, this event presents the opportunity to discuss your experiences with others in a safe environment.

SNiC 2020 committee applications are open!

We are currently looking for a committee to organize the biggest IT symposium of the Netherlands. Learn all about what the SNiC is, what the committee will be doing and how to apply for it in this post.

AI* of the month February: Jamie Aartsen

All the way from Zeeland, it's Jamie Aartsen! Although she describes herself as an introvert, she stepped up to the challenge and is chairing the OrC and the InC. Read all about how she experiences this, about her life besides CognAC and more!

Board applications are open!

A board year, undoubtedly one of the best ways to grow as a person for a student. Get to know many new skills, people and more importantly: yourself. CognAC is looking for a new board, and you could just be a part of this! Read more to see what it entails, and how to apply.

Real Life Monopoly Quest ideas

In an effort to refresh the annual event, the Monopoly Committee is asking you to think of ideas for the upcoming event. As a reward for your contribution, we will award your team with a monetary head-start! Read the post for more info.

Drawing Competition

During the Paint Workshop, the MC discovered that there are many artistic people in CognAC. The MC wants to trigger CognAC’s artists once again, but this time with a drawing competition.

Symposium Computer Vision

Our friends from Computer Science (Thalia) are organizing their own symposium on the 8th of March 2019 and we are also invited. The topic is Computer Vision.

AI* of the month January: Stefan Riegl

His theatre group introduces our Stefan Riegl as a “putty-like sciene nerd who tries new things frequently to run faster than boredom. Classifies as adult, biologically”. I simply can’t add much more to that, apart from that Stefan is our AI* of the Month January! Read all about the ambitious MSc student in this interview.

Books for the 2nd Semester available!

The books for the 2nd semester are available now. Read this blog post for more information

AI* of the month December: Ella aan de Stegge

This month our AI* is one of our most musical and enthusiastic members with Aruban roots. If you want to know more about Ella and her various other talents besides taking pictures and making almanacs, then read on!

Interview with the Board - Pleun

What is a better way to get into the Christmas mood than by reading an interview with the board member who always wears a Christmas tree on his head? Read this interview if you are interested in Pleun's life!

AI* of the month November: Niels Wolters

Niels Wolters: Former CognAC secretary, low-key music producer and currently the Formal Affairs Officer of NKSW Kompanio. I had the pleasure to sit down with the inventor of the Weekly Meme, as Niels is our AI* of the month November!

Interview with the Board - Sander

It’s hard to not notice our always happy, friendly and helpful Chair: Sander!  Read this interview to find out more about him and his position in the board.

Application Student Of Support (SOS)

Currently we are looking for students who want to become a Student Of Support (SOS). A SOS helps fellow students with all sorts of difficulties and problems they might encounter. You lend them a listening ear, support them, or assist them in finding the help they need. For more information and the application procedure, read along in this CogBlog post.

Social Sciences in your future

From November 20th to November 22nd Kompanio will host its first edition of Social Sciences in your Future. During these days they will organise the three big activities that will help you with your career orientation: an interactive lecture, a set of workshops and a business case challenge.

AI* of the month October: Johannes-Lucas Löwe

I had the pleasure to sit together with the creator of the Cognsulter aka Johannes and interview him. If you always wondered who this mysterious person is and what he does in his free time, check out his interview!

InScience festival

The InScience festival, lasting from 7 until 11 November, has the theme Artificial Intelligence this year. Did you know that you can play a game against your own brain? Read more about it in the post!

CognAC Merchandise is back!

The wait is finally over: from this month and onwards, we will be offering CognAC Merchandise again. You can buy shirts, jackets and sweatpants every month! And to top it off, at the end of every quartile, you can order a special item: this time it's CognAC sportshirts! To celebrate the re-launch of the Merchandise: for this batch only, you can buy a CognAC powerbank for just €1 in addition to your order!

CognAC member stickers!

From now on you can get your CognAC sticker in the board room and show that you are a CognAC member!

Radboud Well-Being Week

To feel well, it helps to engage with the five aspects of well-being: body, mind, spirit, people and place. Because a survey of May 2017 showed that many students experience a lot of stress, pressure, and loneliness, there is a big focus on improving student well-being throughout university organs and related parties like our study association. Therefore the university organises the Radboud Well-Being Week next week, from 8 till 12 October, which we as CognAC fully support. With this CogBlog we want to point out some of the hosted activities, so continue reading for more information.

AI* of the month September: Mark Rietvelt

After some confusion on what time we appointed we got started, just in the middle of both our scheduled times. And we got to know a lot about this reMarkable and well-prepared person. Do you for example know in what theatre play Mark performed lately? Or do you know about all the extracurricular stuff he is doing this year? And what about his guilty pleasures? You can read all about the very first AI* of the new academic year Mark Rietvelt in this interview!

SC Study / student hints flashtalk documents

Here are the documents of the SC Study / student hints flashtalk of today! In it are all kinds of topics that answer to questions that "I wish I had known earlier!". Go check it out and see what you didn't know yet!

AI* of the month July: Rik van Lierop

I look through the window and can see the blurred silhouette of a man. There he is. I boldly burst through the door. A bit louder than I intended, the door slams open against the side of a bed. He sits before me, already waiting and with a grin on his face. I am in the presence of the one and only Rik. Rik is my roommate, famous BoyServe and all-round well known member of CognAC. Today I am here to interview this legend as the AI* of July. I start off by putting on some nice jazz tunes. With the mood set, we get comfortable in our seats and start our interview. Read more about Rik and his interesting life. Did you know Rik is a world famous radio DJ in Deurne?

New Partnership for Study Books!

CognAC has a new partner for ordering study books. Read more about it in this blog post ...

Orientation Week 2018 Review

After 8 full, fun and festive days, it is finally time to get some rest before the academic year of 2018/2019 starts. Some of the Media Committee members got to experience this amazing week as well, and in this CogBlog item you can read everything about their experiences. If you want to refresh your (lost) memories, re-experience the week or see what is was like, don’t hesitate and click Read more!

Horoscope Academic Year 18/19

For most of us, vacation is almost over. So to help you start this year well-prepared you can now read your brand new horoscope here. What will your academic year look like? Will it feel like a heavy backpack-journey or more like an all-inclusive holiday? Read on to find out.

AI* of the month June: Daphne Lenders

After frantically checking one final time if my phone was recording, I was ready. Of course, the person sitting next to me was born ready. This seasoned board member, intestine eater and traveller with ice cream in her hand and a big smile on her face is Daphne Lenders, the AI* of June. I got the chance to interview her today! Read more about her interesting life: did you know that Daphne prefers the Lion King 2?

AI* of the month May: Sander Engelberts

Do you know how many times Sander already walked the ‘vierdaagse’? what his favorite record is? What happens when he goes grocery shopping at the market? Chances are you do not know this yet. Luckily you can read all about these things, and many more, in his interview!

Student (from) Abroad: Luis Avalos

It has been a while since the last Student (from) Abroad interview, but we’re back. And this time I had the honour to interview Luis, a first-year AI student who came to study here all the way from the land of taco’s, sombrero’s and poncho’s: Mexico! How does he experience the land of hagelslag, clogs and raincoats? You will read all about it in this interview.

CognAC Trip 2018 - Bi Ba Budapest

Every other year, the Travel Committee, also known as the TraC, organises a trip for the members of CognAC. Normally around 10-15 people join, but hypemeister Pleun, together with the rest of the TraC, made sure over 40 people signed up, within 5 minutes. After a long wait, the time finally came to pack our bags, and to prepare for what has become the best CognAC trip yet. If you read along, you will get to know how my week went, and what Heaven is made of.

AI* of the month April: Christian Lammers

I had the pleasure to talk to mvp Christian Lammers. 3rd year, my orientation brother, and true CognAC'er. The chair of the WkC, proud German, and so much more! Want to find out what? Read the awesome interview I had with him :) Also, help me convince Chris to apply for the AEGEE board of 2018-2019! Make Nijmegen great again with Chris on top #bondingexperience.

Interview with the board - Sanne

Do you already know our Chief of Education. It's Sanne!!!! But if you want to know even more about this sporty surf chick, then read this fantastic interview!!

AI* of the month March: Paul Heldens

Sports committee, Parents Day Committee and Party Committee, Paul Heldens did it all. You might have seen Paul before, but you might not know why he once wore a dress or how big his love for Disney movies is. But do not worry, you can read all about it in his interview!

AI* of the month February: Nick Stracke

It has taken a while, but it's finally here! The (extra long) AI* interview with the AI* of February, Nick Stracke, is packed with ins and outs on what's going on in Nicks life. Did you know Nick knows how to handle a chainsaw? Did you know Nick climbed a church one time? And did you know Nick invests in cryptocurrency? If you want to know more, start reading!

Interview with the Board - Karcie

Do you want to know more about Karcie, our Chief of Internal Affairs? Or about her function in the board? And do you also want way too much information about nasi ballen and alpaca's? Then this interview is the perfect read for you! Read it here now!

CognAC Weekend 2018

Last weekend was one of CognAC’s biggest yearly activities: the CognAC weekend 2018. Under the motto “#BondingExperience”, around 60 people explored the flatlands of the very 'densely' populated Dwingeloo. Even the bus driver had trouble reaching it….. Did you miss the weekend, enjoy it a lot or are you just too drunk to remember? Read on!

LCN 2018

One of the biggest events organized by CognAC also made an appearance this year: the LCN! I was there and it was awesome!

Who is it?

Normally you would guess only one person, but this time, to make it harder, we went for two. If these two AI'ers got a baby, their child would probably look like this! Keep on reading...

Interview with the Board - Lennart

Come and have a look at Lennart Geertjes: The man, the Chief of External Affairs, and voted as the best dressed CognAC'er. Read more about him and his duties in this fresh CogBlog interview.

AI* of the Month January: Jorrit Geels

Who doesn't know this guy: the one, the only, the only one: Jorrit Geels. AI* in January 2018, dominator of the world in March 2034 (probably). Are you wondering what kind of guy your future boss will be? Want to know the details of this boys amazing and funny life? Start reading! And mostly: enjoy! But what's not to love about Meister Geels ;)?

Interview with the Board - Lea

Have you ever wondered who that 'Lea' is that sends you emails, begging you to declare your costs? Are those super shady e-mails about the TraC, in which they ask you to transfer 350€, not appealing to you? Then don't hesitate, and click read more to get to know her a bit better! I sat down to talk about Lea here, with Lea. You know how interviews go. Just read.

2018 Horoscope

As the new year is here it is time for horoscopes! So you can be prepared for what the new year has in stock for you. Unfortunately, the internet is flooding with horoscopes; that’s why all new year’s predictions are compiled here into a short one. Read below what 2018 has to offer.*

Who is it?

Do you recognize the kid in the picture? If not, keep on reading for some hints about this AI-student. If you do recognize him, keep on reading anyways.

AI* of the Month December: Ellen Schrader

This week I sat down with the AI* of December: Ellen! Being the head of 2,5 committees, she is of great contribution to CognAC! Do you want to know more about her? Her ideas for the CognAC pet? Her weird habits and much more? Keep reading!

Interview with the Board - Niels

This weekend,I got the chance to speak with Niels,the really nice and really busy secretary of CognAC. Do you want to see how our conversation went and find out more about being part of the board? Boy,do I have something for you.

AI* of the Month November: Pleun Scholten

I sat down with the hype master of the TraC. Interested in what we talked about? Read it all in his interview!

Where is it?

Does this look familiar to you? Yes? Get up, go there and take a selfie on the location! Do you have no clue? Get up, search, find it, and take a selfie on the location! You can win an awesome prize from the MC!

AI* of the Month October: Honghong

Not only was she smart enough to win the individual round during the Alten pubquiz, Honghong also became the AI* for the month of October! Honghong has been active in the 1C, AC and continues to be an active member by joining the OrC and being the chair of the AC. We’ve all seen her on activities or walking down the hallway, but who exactly is Honghong? Keep reading to find out!

Interview with the Board - Bram

From this week and onwards, CogBlog will be back! What does this mean, what can you expect? We are planning on bringing “Where is it?” and “Who is it?”back (small contests in which everyone can participate) and maybe you will win some nice prizes this year! There is also much more coming, and we are kicking off with the first interview with a board member for this year; an interview with the one and only Bram.

AI* of the Month September: Bente

Already a long time ago, I invited Bente van de Pol for an interview. She has done loads of work during the Orientation Week, did a lot of designing work in the MC and has helped the board with creating their logos. This beautiful person can furthermore be found at a lot of CognAC events and is always approachable for questions. Where did she come from? Where will she go? Continue reading for more info!

Interview with the Board - Loes

"The end of the academic year is near but the MC still has some serious business to do/post. You wonder what we mean? The interview with the board of course! This time your roving reporter interviewed Loes Erven, secratary of CognAC. She is the youngest board member of CognAC, the one who plays the keyboard like a rockstar and the one who spams and stalks you on a weekly basis. Want to find out more about her? Keep on reading"

AI* of the month June: Moira Berens

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor to interview Moira Berens. A former board member and AI student. Although she’s not studying AI anymore, she still is very active within the study association! She’s been a valuable member to CognAC over the years and that’s why this award is long overdue. Do you want to know more about Moira? Continue reading!

Interview with the Board - Lars

Lars Bokkers - Chief of External Affairs. As he is in the board of CognAC and also our one and only BBQ meister, everyone knows him. But what exactly is going on underneath that EEG cap, that he's wearing on his most famous picture? And what does he do for CognAC except for making it rich and wealthy? Find it out here!

AI* of the month May

Who do you think of when I say "CognAC weekend"? Bram. Who do you think of when I say "that person with an unusual profile picture on Facebook"? Bram. Who do you think of when I say "that active member that is a member of 5 committees and fulfills all possible functions divided over those committees? Bram! (At least that is what you would think as a Chief of Internal Affairs) It is time for the interview with AI* of the month May: Bram van Asseldonk!

AI* of the month April

Again an interview all about Zikri, because we can’t get enough of him! He’s been the AI* of the month and we tried to get to know Zikri even better. Granted this interview is a little late to the party, but it’s an interesting read. We talked about Dutch citizenship, future jobs and of course CognAC, it even features a little of Pleun.

CognAC26 Limited Edition Merchandise!

Fashionable, CognAC, Windows 95, what else do you need?

Student (From) Abroad: Isabel Burgos

Daaaaamn Zikri, back at it again with the white vans… I mean back at it again with the Student (from) Abroad Interview. Sorry, dank memes got the best of me. It’s been a while since our last interview for this column. This time we have another first year. None other than the one and only Isabel Burgos! Let’s find out about her shall we?

AI* of the month March: Pepijn van Teeffelen

I had the honor and pleasure to interview Pepijn van Teeffelen. A third year AI student, a member of several committees and the treasurer of the BoyCo!  Pepijn is also the last member of the BoyCo to receive this honor. Strap yourself in for this ride. It is going to be quite the hype!

AI* of the month: Februari

Who doesn’t know Lisa Goerke should really read this interview we did! She’s the chairman of the Master Committee (MaC) and the first international AI* of CognAC! If you’d like to know more about here like we did, continue reading!

Interview with the Board - Djamari

We all know Djamari: CognAC's Chief of Internal Affairs, Queen of the Committees and the answer to your CognAC related questions. But how well do you actually know her: What kind of hobbies does she have? Why did she wanted to become a member of the board? What does she like most about CognAC? Find it out here!

Student (From) Abroad: Samarpan Rai

The second interview for our Student (From) Abroad column for the CogBlog is finally here. You didn’t think we were only going to do this only once, were you? For those of you who are new, this is a blog dedicated to finding out more about International students in our very own study, Artificial Intelligence. This interview will feature Samarpan Rai, who is a first-year student. Find out more about Samarpan by clicking on the “Meer Lezen” button!

AI* of the month: January

Who doesn’t know Lennart Geertjes? He’s a familiar and very friendly face within CognAC, and can almost always be found somewhere on the campus. Last year he wasn’t just active within the First-Year committee, he also concerned himself with the Swedes. This year he’s decided to take part in four committees, like to know which? Continue reading! Oh, and ladies he’s still single *wink wink*

Who is it?

Hello fellow CognAC-ers! It’s been a while, but it’s back! A new ‘’Who is it?’’ has returned to the CogBlog for you all. Do you recognize the happy little boy in the picture? Not only is he good with words, but also with notes.. and maybe not the kind of notes you’d expect! Click on ''Meer lezen'' to see another picture!

AI* of the month: December

Berend van Deelen, who doesn't know him? You might know him from his beard, his music, his board year or the limited edition sweaters he designed. In this AI*-interview you get a sneak peak in his life.

Interview with the Board - Abdullahi

Whenever you hear "Appie, Appie, Appie!" you know that the one and only chairman of CognAC can't be far away. But how much do you really know about Abdullahi and his function within CognAC? Curious to find out? Then read this interview!

AI* of the month September: Wessel Hieselaar

The AI* of September was Wessel. He has been an active member of CognAC since he had the chance to be one and that is something to celebrate! Read on and find out what else is there to know about Wessel ☺.

AI* of the month November: Maarten Brandwijk

Do you adore the BoyCo? Do you love the DAtA get-togethers in the Huygens canteens? Then you’re going to love and adore Maarten! If you’re dying to know more about him, continue reading!

Where is it? (nov 2016)

Do you know where this spot can be found on campus? Do you want to win an awesome prize? Click on Read More to find out more about this ''Where is it?''!

Student (From) Abroad: Zikri Aminuddin

This is a new column on the CogBlog called Student (From) Abroad! Since the schoolyear 2016-2017 our study is officially called ‘’Artificial Intelligence’’. The now-full-English bachelor has already attracted a lot of students from abroad, but studying abroad for the Nijmegen-based students is also happening more and more. Our first interview features Zikri Aminuddin, a first year AI student, born in Malaysia! Learn more about his experiences by clicking on the “Meer Lezen” button!

AI* of the month October: Fabian Kok

Did you hear that recognizable laugh? Did you listen to all those talks during the orientation week every day again and again? Well, that’s Fabian! It's time to have a nice talk with this AI*!

Committee Descriptions

A total of 21 committees were covered today at the Committee Picnic. This is a lot of information and some of you therefore asked for a nice overview. Well, here it is!

AI* of the Month April: Djamari

The AI* of the Month April is Djamari! Read here all about this true CognAC'er and future board member!

AI* of May

Thomas van Heynigingen was in May 2016 AI* of the month. I interviewed Thomas a couple of weeks ago, read the interview here!

CognAC Weekend

Although the CognAC weekend is now more than a month ago, we did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about these great days. So whether you've been there or not, read this article to find out about the great adventures that happened there!

AI* of January

Jake was the AI* of January! Most of you know him and that is actually one of the reasons why he became AI*. Besides of that, he has motivated a lot of people to do some committee work and he is a member of 8 different CognAC committees! I have interviewed Jake a couple of weeks ago and I found out some interesting facts about him, read the interview if you want to found out...

AI* Interview: Lea Nugteren

Lea, 18 years old and AI bachelor student, was the AI* of the month January. Her being the chair of the 1C is one of the reasons she is worthy of this very honorable honor. Read on and find out all that is to know about Lea!

Where is it?

Can you find the location of the this month 'Where is it?'. If so you can win an amazing price!

AI* of the month December: Esra Bakker

Esra, 20 years old, and first year AI student, was the AI* of December. After becoming a CognAC member, she immediately joined three committees and is present at every, or let’s say most, CognAC activities. She is a real ‘CognAC’er’! Read on and learn about who she is and why she choose to study AI!

Xomnia Datathon 2016

The Xomnia Datathon, an epic 24-hour long AI face-off between all study associations for AI in the Netherlands, took place on the 25-26th of March. CognAC sent a team to the contest, with succes. They won the first place! Read on to read about their experience...

Horoscope: Spring

From now on, there’ll be horoscopes every single season! They are bigger, they are better, and we hope you’ll enjoy them! xx Daphne and Nynke

AVE AI #9: The FNWI Prom

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: mc@svcognac.nl. Happy reading!

AI* of the month November: Jasper van Dalen

Jasper, 24 years old and AI master student, was the AI* of the month of November. Him being a former board member is only one of the reasons he is worthy of this very honorable honor. Read on and find out all that is to know about Jasper!

AVE AI’er #8 Stereotypes

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: mc@svcognac.nl. Happy reading!

AVE AI #7: My Best Friend

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: mc@svcognac.nl. Happy reading!

AI* of the month October: Emmie Peters

Emmie, 21 years old and fourth year student, was the AI* of October 2015. She was CognAC’s internal officer last year and like if that wasn’t enough she still is a very active member in a lot of committees. Want to know not only everything she does for CognAC but also what keeps her busy next to that? Read on and find out!

AVE AI #6: through the eyes of a “meeloper”

’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: mc@svcognac.nl. Happy reading!

14 Dec ’15: IT Talent College – Big Data

In this post, Renate talks about her experiences attending the Big Data IT talent College