AI* of the month March: Paul Heldens

Sports committee, Parents Day Committee and Party Committee, Paul Heldens did it all. You might have seen Paul before, but you might not know why he once wore a dress or how big his love for Disney movies is. But do not worry, you can read all about it in his interview!

[POSTPONED]Lunchlecture: Exploring new opportunities for Neural Networks presented by Exner

E 2.50

In this lunchlecture Exner will talk about their robotic welding and how they want to explore the possibilities for AI to improve the efficiency of their welding platforms!

Lab Session #5

SP A 01.09

Are you having trouble with one of your courses? Feel like homework is taking over your life? Enroll for the SC lab sessions! There will be volunteers walking around to help you with general questions about different topics. Stop procrastinating and finish your homework in one evening so you can chill for the rest of your weekend! Join us on Thursday, 19th of April, in order to make sure that you keep up with your homework. Also, there's room to order pizza (at own cost), so make sure to register a.s.a.p.!

InDesign Beginner Workshop

GR 1.170

Step up your typography, layout AND design game by going to the InDesign workshop the 23rd of April, in the break. Enjoy some free drinks while watching Jorrit explain it all. Max out your Adobe skill to 100! Why should you use InDesign? Read more!

Drinking on the Job 2018

South street, Huygensgebouw

The third edition of Drinking on the Job, organized by the external committee, is upon us! During this event, you'll get the chance to have a fancy drink and get to know some companies in the field of AI. We spared neither trouble nor expense and invited eight, unique companies! Nearly every branch of AI will be represented. And just in case you are not yet comfortable to talk to that many companies, there will be free beer to help yourself loosen up. If you have no idea what you what/can do after your study, join us and find out!

[AC] Scavenger Hunt

TvA 8 -1.014

Can you solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes? Do you have as quick a wit as Indiana Jones? Then here's your chance to prove it. (or do you like fun and free drinks because that's what you'll get) Because the 25th of April at 18:00 the hunt will begin. This epic battle between man and machine will decide the future of the Spinoza building as we know it, it is the AC Scavenger Hunt! Apply as soon as you can, either alone or as a group up to six people, order your pizza, prepare your brain and let the games begin!

Privacy [Will be moved, the new date will be announced soon]


The state of our privacy has been an ever increasingly important topic in recent years. Big corporations are creating free products with the only condition of storing your data and using it to their will. Cameras are essentially everywhere. The average person has usually two in front of his face. One staring at him, the other in the direction he is looking. The government can monitor any online communication, regardless of whether the people monitored are suspects or not. Should the government have the control over your data and what can you do to protect it? How much privacy are you willing to sacrifice for the exchange of supposed security? Is privacy a thing of the past, or are people being overdramatic?

Masters' Get Together

Heyendaalseweg 141

On Tuesday, the 08.05.2018 at 20:00 the monthly Get Together in the Sportcafé (Heyendaalseweg 141) will take place. Come around and grab a drink with you fellow students :)

Beer tasting evening

1, Franseplaats, 6511 VS Nijmegen

What is better than a good craft beer on a sunny summer’s day? The only right answer to this question is of course: 10 different craft beers on a sunny summer’s day! “But how can I get 10 craft beers, I’m just a poor student?” you might wonder. The Master Committee has you covered: Come join us on a trip to heaven (metaphorically and literally speaking!) on the 15th of May in Café de Hemel.

Movie Night & Discussion - Do You Trust This Computer?


Another collaboration between the SC and the DisCo! Do you want to know more about general A.I.? All the most important topics of A.I. will be discussed. Come join us for this evening to form your own opinion (and enjoy free drinks and food). Here is the trailer:

ACAIS 2018

De Lindenberg

Do you like studying AI? Because then we have some great news for you. This year, CognAC will be hosting their annual Symposium again! The place to learn even more exciting things about AI. The theme of ACAIS 2018 will be... AI & Language! Are you a curious student who wants to expand their knowledge? Read along and find everything you need to know about ACAIS 2018!

Hitchhiking Contest 2018

to be announced

Bored of sitting at home and studying? Then the CognAC Hitchhiking contest is the best reason for you to go on a short, adventures trip! The destination will still stay a secret, but it is easily reachable within 250km-400km. An accommodation including breakfast for ~16€ is organized by the AC. ll people that want to have another challenge can hitchhike back to Nijmegen. The registration starts on the 28th of March. In order to register, you must fill in the enrollment form (link in the description).

AI* of the month February: Nick Stracke

It has taken a while, but it's finally here! The (extra long) AI* interview with the AI* of February, Nick Stracke, is packed with ins and outs on what's going on in Nicks life. Did you know Nick is knows how to handle a chainsaw? Did you know Nick climbed a church one time? And did you know Nick invests in cryptocurrency? If you want to know more, start reading!

Interview with the Board - Karcie

Do you want to know more about Karcie, our Internal Chief of Internal Affairs? Or about her function in the board? And do you also want way too much information about nasi ballen and alpaca's? Then this interview is the perfect read for you! Read it here now!

CognAC Weekend 2018

Last weekend was one of CognAC’s biggest yearly activities: the CognAC weekend 2018. Under the motto “#BondingExperience”, around 60 people explored the flatlands of the very 'densely' populated Dwingeloo. Even the bus driver had trouble reaching it….. Did you miss the weekend, enjoy it a lot or are you just too drunk to remember? Read on!

LCN 2018

One of the biggest events organized by CognAC also made an appearance this year: the LCN! I was there and it was awesome!

Who is it?

Normally you would guess only one person, but this time, to make it harder, we went for two. If these two AI'ers got a baby, their child would probably look like this! Keep on reading...

Interview with the Board - Lennart

Come and have a look at Lennart Geertjes: The man, the Chief of External Affairs, and the member of the Kronkelniggus. Read more about him and his duties in this fresh MediaC interview.

AI* of the Month January: Jorrit Geels

Who doesn't know this guy: the one, the only, the only one: Jorrit Geels. AI* in January 2018, dominator of the world in March 2034 (probably). Are you wondering what kind of guy your future boss will be? Want to know the details of this boys amazing and funny life? Start reading! And mostly: enjoy! But what's not to love about Meister Geels ;)?

Interview with the Board - Lea

Have you ever wondered who that 'Lea' is that sends you emails, begging you to declare your costs? Are those super shady e-mails about the TraC, in which they ask you to transfer 350€, not appealing to you? Then don't hesitate, and click read more to get to know her a bit better! I sat down to talk about Lea here, with Lea. You know how interviews go. Just read.

2018 Horoscope

As the new year is here it is time for horoscopes! So you can be prepared for what the new year has in stock for you. Unfortunately, the internet is flooding with horoscopes; that’s why all new year’s predictions are compiled here into a short one. Read below what 2018 has to offer.*

Who is it?

Do you recognize the kid in the picture? If not, keep on reading for some hints about this AI-student. If you do recognize him, keep on reading anyways.

AI* of the Month December: Ellen Schrader

This week I sat down with the AI* of December: Ellen! Being the head of 2,5 committees, she is of great contribution to CognAC! Do you want to know more about her? Her ideas for the CognAC pet? Her weird habits and much more? Keep reading!

Interview with the Board - Niels

This weekend,I got the chance to speak with Niels,the really nice and really busy secretary of CognAC. Do you want to see how our conversation went and find out more about being part of the board? Boy,do I have something for you.

AI* of the Month November: Pleun Scholten

I sat down with the hype master of the TraC. Interested in what we talked about? Read it all in his interview!

Where is it?

Does this look familiar to you? Yes? Get up, go there and take a selfie on the location! Do you have no clue? Get up, search, find it, and take a selfie on the location! You can win an awesome prize from the MC!

AI* of the Month October: Honghong

Not only was she smart enough to win the individual round during the Alten pubquiz, Honghong also became the AI* for the month of October! Honghong has been active in the 1C, AC and continues to be an active member by joining the OrC and being the chair of the AC. We’ve all seen her on activities or walking down the hallway, but who exactly is Honghong? Keep reading to find out!

Interview with the Board - Bram

From this week and onwards, CogBlog will be back! What does this mean, what can you expect? We are planning on bringing “Where is it?” and “Who is it?”back (small contests in which everyone can participate) and maybe you will win some nice prizes this year! There is also much more coming, and we are kicking off with the first interview with a board member for this year; an interview with the one and only Bram.

AI* of the Month September: Bente

Already a long time ago, I invited Bente van de Pol for an interview. She has done loads of work during the Orientation Week, did a lot of designing work in the MC and has helped the board with creating their logos. This beautiful person can furthermore be found at a lot of CognAC events and is always approachable for questions. Where did she come from? Where will she go? Continue reading for more info!

Interview with the Board - Loes

"The end of the academic year is near but the MC still has some serious business to do/post. You wonder what we mean? The interview with the board of course! This time your roving reporter interviewed Loes Erven, secratary of CognAC. She is the youngest board member of CognAC, the one who plays the keyboard like a rockstar and the one who spams and stalks you on a weekly basis. Want to find out more about her? Keep on reading"

AI* of the month June: Moira Berens

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor to interview Moira Berens. A former board member and AI student. Although she’s not studying AI anymore, she still is very active within the study association! She’s been a valuable member to CognAC over the years and that’s why this award is long overdue. Do you want to know more about Moira? Continue reading!

Interview with the Board - Lars

Lars Bokkers - Chief of External Affairs. As he is in the board of CognAC and also our one and only BBQ meister, everyone knows him. But what exactly is going on underneath that EEG cap, that he's wearing on his most famous picture? And what does he do for CognAC except for making it rich and wealthy? Find it out here!

AI* of the month May

Who do you think of when I say "CognAC weekend"? Bram. Who do you think of when I say "that person with an unusual profile picture on Facebook"? Bram. Who do you think of when I say "that active member that is a member of 5 committees and fulfills all possible functions divided over those committees? Bram! (At least that is what you would think as a Chief of Internal Affairs) It is time for the interview with AI* of the month May: Bram van Asseldonk!

AI* of the month April

Again an interview all about Zikri, because we can’t get enough of him! He’s been the AI* of the month and we tried to get to know Zikri even better. Granted this interview is a little late to the party, but it’s an interesting read. We talked about Dutch citizenship, future jobs and of course CognAC, it even features a little of Pleun.

CognAC26 Limited Edition Merchandise!

Fashionable, CognAC, Windows 95, what else do you need?

Student (From) Abroad: Isabel Burgos

Daaaaamn Zikri, back at it again with the white vans… I mean back at it again with the Student (from) Abroad Interview. Sorry, dank memes got the best of me. It’s been a while since our last interview for this column. This time we have another first year. None other than the one and only Isabel Burgos! Let’s find out about her shall we?

AI* of the month March: Pepijn van Teeffelen

I had the honor and pleasure to interview Pepijn van Teeffelen. A third year AI student, a member of several committees and the treasurer of the BoyCo!  Pepijn is also the last member of the BoyCo to receive this honor. Strap yourself in for this ride. It is going to be quite the hype!

AI* of the month: Februari

Who doesn’t know Lisa Goerke should really read this interview we did! She’s the chairman of the Master Committee (MaC) and the first international AI* of CognAC! If you’d like to know more about here like we did, continue reading!

Interview with the Board - Djamari

We all know Djamari: CognAC's Chief of Internal Affairs, Queen of the Committees and the answer to your CognAC related questions. But how well do you actually know her: What kind of hobbies does she have? Why did she wanted to become a member of the board? What does she like most about CognAC? Find it out here!

Student (From) Abroad: Samarpan Rai

The second interview for our Student (From) Abroad column for the CogBlog is finally here. You didn’t think we were only going to do this only once, were you? For those of you who are new, this is a blog dedicated to finding out more about International students in our very own study, Artificial Intelligence. This interview will feature Samarpan Rai, who is a first-year student. Find out more about Samarpan by clicking on the “Meer Lezen” button!

AI* of the month: January

Who doesn’t know Lennart Geertjes? He’s a familiar and very friendly face within CognAC, and can almost always be found somewhere on the campus. Last year he wasn’t just active within the First-Year committee, he also concerned himself with the Swedes. This year he’s decided to take part in four committees, like to know which? Continue reading! Oh, and ladies he’s still single *wink wink*

Who is it?

Hello fellow CognAC-ers! It’s been a while, but it’s back! A new ‘’Who is it?’’ has returned to the CogBlog for you all. Do you recognize the happy little boy in the picture? Not only is he good with words, but also with notes.. and maybe not the kind of notes you’d expect! Click on ''Meer lezen'' to see another picture!

AI* of the month: December

Berend van Deelen, who doesn't know him? You might know him from his beard, his music, his board year or the limited edition sweaters he designed. In this AI*-interview you get a sneak peak in his life.

Interview with the Board - Abdullahi

Whenever you hear "Appie, Appie, Appie!" you know that the one and only chairman of CognAC can't be far away. But how much do you really know about Abdullahi and his function within CognAC? Curious to find out? Then read this interview!

AI* of the month September: Wessel Hieselaar

The AI* of September was Wessel. He has been an active member of CognAC since he had the chance to be one and that is something to celebrate! Read on and find out what else is there to know about Wessel ☺.

AI* of the month November: Maarten Brandwijk

Do you adore the BoyCo? Do you love the DAtA get-togethers in the Huygens canteens? Then you’re going to love and adore Maarten! If you’re dying to know more about him, continue reading!

Where is it? (nov 2016)

Do you know where this spot can be found on campus? Do you want to win an awesome prize? Click on Read More to find out more about this ''Where is it?''!

Student (From) Abroad: Zikri Aminuddin

This is a new column on the CogBlog called Student (From) Abroad! Since the schoolyear 2016-2017 our study is officially called ‘’Artificial Intelligence’’. The now-full-English bachelor has already attracted a lot of students from abroad, but studying abroad for the Nijmegen-based students is also happening more and more. Our first interview features Zikri Aminuddin, a first year AI student, born in Malaysia! Learn more about his experiences by clicking on the “Meer Lezen” button!

AI* of the month October: Fabian Kok

Did you hear that recognizable laugh? Did you listen to all those talks during the orientation week every day again and again? Well, that’s Fabian! It's time to have a nice talk with this AI*!

Committee Discriptions

A total of 21 committees were covered today at the Committee Picnic. This is a lot of information and some of you therefore asked for a nice overview. Well, here it is!

AI* of the Month April: Djamari

The AI* of the Month April is Djamari! Read here all about this true CognAC'er and future board member!

AI* of May

Thomas van Heynigingen was in May 2016 AI* of the month. I interviewed Thomas a couple of weeks ago, read the interview here!

CognAC Weekend

Although the CognAC weekend is now more than a month ago, we did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about these great days. So whether you've been there or not, read this article to find out about the great adventures that happened there!

AI* of January

Jake was the AI* of January! Most of you know him and that is actually one of the reasons why he became AI*. Besides of that, he has motivated a lot of people to do some committee work and he is a member of 8 different CognAC committees! I have interviewed Jake a couple of weeks ago and I found out some interesting facts about him, read the interview if you want to found out...

AI* Interview: Lea Nugteren

Lea, 18 years old and AI bachelor student, was the AI* of the month January. Her being the chair of the 1C is one of the reasons she is worthy of this very honorable honor. Read on and find out all that is to know about Lea!

Where is it?

Can you find the location of the this month 'Where is it?'. If so you can win an amazing price!

AI* of the month December: Esra Bakker

Esra, 20 years old, and first year AI student, was the AI* of December. After becoming a CognAC member, she immediately joined three committees and is present at every, or let’s say most, CognAC activities. She is a real ‘CognAC’er’! Read on and learn about who she is and why she choose to study AI!

Xomnia Datathon 2016

The Xomnia Datathon, an epic 24-hour long AI face-off between all study associations for AI in the Netherlands, took place on the 25-26th of March. CognAC sent a team to the contest, with succes. They won the first place! Read on to read about their experience...

Horoscope: Spring

From now on, there’ll be horoscopes every single season! They are bigger, they are better, and we hope you’ll enjoy them! xx Daphne and Nynke

AVE AI #9: The FNWI Prom

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: Happy reading!

AI* of the month November: Jasper van Dalen

Jasper, 24 years old and AI master student, was the AI* of the month of November. Him being a former board member is only one of the reasons he is worthy of this very honorable honor. Read on and find out all that is to know about Jasper!

AVE AI’er #8 Stereotypes

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: Happy reading!

AVE AI #7: My Best Friend

AVE AI: ‘’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: Happy reading!

AI* of the month October: Emmie Peters

Emmie, 21 years old and fourth year student, was the AI* of October 2015. She was CognAC’s internal officer last year and like if that wasn’t enough she still is a very active member in a lot of committees. Want to know not only everything she does for CognAC but also what keeps her busy next to that? Read on and find out!

AVE AI #6: through the eyes of a “meeloper”

’Avonturen van een AI-er’’, is a column written by Yana van der Sande and Nynke Zwart. Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we’ll post something funny, relatable or remarkable that is related to AI. Do you have any ideas that we should absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly write about? Mail us: Happy reading!

14 Dec ’15: IT Talent College – Big Data

In this post, Renate talks about her experiences attending the Big Data IT talent College