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What SSH& building are you?

What SSH& building are you?

Wed, 15 Feb 2023

written by Yael Raz

Over the years there’s been many discussions on which of Nijmegen’s student housing complexes is the best/trashiest/coolest/cosiest/fanciest/etc. You may have lived in some (not so) nice ssh& buildings yourself, but have you ever wondered which one represents you the most? Well look no further than the quiz below! Answer the questions and keep track of how many times you answered 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. At the end you will find out which complex is your spirit animal! Good luck ;)



  1. What’s your favourite type of food?

    1. Pizza 

    2. Kapsalon 

    3. Anything I cook myself 

    4. Takeaway food 

    5. As long as it’s vegan

  2. How would others describe your personality?

    1. Energetic 

    2. Careless 

    3. Tidy

    4. Lazy

    5. Introverted

  3. If you had to get rid of a body, how would you do it?

    1. Throw it into the channel 

    2. Bury it in a trash pile

    3. Shove it in the elevator chute

    4. Leave it on the train tracks

    5. Hide it in a different grave

  4. Which character from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are you?

    1. Marshall 

    2. Ted 

    3. Barney 

    4. Robin

    5. Lily

  5. What does ‘snow’ mean to you?

    1. Cocaine

    2. It has different meanings?

    3. Powdered sugar

    4. Snow White

    5. Actual snow

  6. What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

    1. Whatever you give me

    2. Room temperature Klok 

    3. Cocktails 

    4. Shots!!! 

    5. Wine 

  7. Which of these emojis describes you best?

    1. 👎

    2. 💪

    3. 🤙

    4. 🤟

  8. How many EC do you average per year?

    1. Like 30?

    2. What is an EC?

    3. 60

    4. At least 45

    5. An EC is just a social construct

  9. What is your favourite ssh& building?

    1. Boeckstaetehof

    2. Nestor

    3. Galgenveld

    4. Gouverneur

    5. Marienbosch










Most 1s | Vossenveld:

You’re a chaotic and energetic spirit, perfect for living in Vossenveld. You’re an athletic person, whether it be cycling, rowing or a different sport, you like to stay on the move!. Big parties are definitely your jam, even if you’re not always sure what exactly happened when you wake up the day after… Meeting new people, going on adventures, experiencing new things; it is what you like most about student life. 

Most 2s | Hoogeveldt:

Living at Hoogeveldt requires a certain type of mindset; luckily you match exactly! You go through life completely chill; not too worried about your courses or your kitchen cleanliness for that matter. You enjoy convenience, even if it comes at a price. You are also very likely a younger student, which means you’re probably older than the amount of EC you’ve gotten so far. But hey, if you’re having fun; we’re happy for you :)

--- 1 like = 1 RIP for an older year who still lives at Hoogeveldt ---

Most 3s | Sterrenbosch:

Sterrenbosch is a luxurious housing complex, which matches your idea of life. Your bedtime has been moving up the same as the number in your bank account, you are on your way to becoming a true ‘burger’. Your favourite activity is a chill night in with some close friends, eating home-made food and playing games. You claim to have a wild side, but nobody has seen it in a while. 

Most 4s | Talia:

Talia (whether the building or the association) has quite an infamous reputation, and so do you! It’s likely because everyone is amazed at your alcohol tolerance, or because you are famously bad at cycling once you’ve downed all those drinks… You are probably an international, so you like to be a bit lazy when it comes to travelling around in Nijmegen. This is totally fair, I mean you moved all those miles away from home, you deserve to cut yourself some slack ;)

Most 5s | Westerhelling:

Many people describe you as ‘alternative’, which is also the kind of option Westerhelling is to everyone applying to an ssh& room! Living in Westerhelling is like living on an isolated island, which is fine for you because the city is too busy anyways. You are creative, which is necessary to be able to entertain yourself so far away from civilization. You make your way through life like a current in the ocean.