crazily cool Cocktails!

Tappers Nijmegen

Cutlery, plates and fresh food… what did we forget? Right, the drinks! Because what would a great dinner be without nice cocktails ;) If you want to join the FC’s Cocktail Workshop together with and at Tappers on the 10.12. at 20:00 be sure to sign up this Friday (6.12.), because there’s only limited spots available! The activity costs 15€, and will get you three cocktails and around two hours of fun!

Board information session

SP A 01.12

Do you feel butterflies when you see the CognAC board room? Do you love CognAC so much that you want to take care of it and make sure it stays the awesome association it currently is? Do you think XXX looks like a satisfying number? If some of these apply to you, you might be interested in doing a board year at CognAC. So, are you? Then make sure to check out our board information session, where the current board will tell you all about the board experiences we have gathered so far!

Microsoft inhouseday

Microsoft, Netherlands

On the 12th of December, we will go to Microsoft in Amsterdam to get workshops, demos and a tour in their building. On top of that, they will also provide lunch and you do not have to pay anything! Sounds interesting? Then register on the 18th of November at 13:00!

1Cantus Winter Wonderland

Next Level

Join us at our magical winter-wonderland cantus! Whether you enjoy the winter, or just want to drink loads of beer, it is guaranteed to be a fun night! The cantus takes place at the 12th of december. Sign up before it is too late!

Mentor Drink

SP A 01.11, SP A 01.12

The first OrC activity of the year, the Mentor Drink! Do you think you are suited to be a mentor? Not yet sure if you want to become a mentor? Or just want to have a fun night with other CognACers? Join our mentor drink, play some fun games and meet the new OrC members.

Electives Fair


Do you have to pick your elective courses for next semester and are you still not sure which ones to take? Or do you just want to know what cool courses are out there? Well, you're in luck because the SC is bringing you the Electives Fair! We will provide you with information about various electives that you could take in the upcoming semester.

Glüh in the Darkaoke

North Canteen

Is there no one for you to celebrate Christmas with? Are you already on Santa's naughty list? (#SadFace) The DAtA has your back! We will be organising a Glüh in the Darkaoke. Join your fellow cognac members on 19 December to get some glühwein and sing some Christmas songs!

2020 Toronto Trip

Nijmegen CS

The TraC is organising a studytrip to Toronto in 2020! Find out all the info and sign up here!