Workshop FP


Do you only think of cleaning products when you hear clean? Is curry something you only put on your fries? Or is cloogle only a spelling mistake for you? Then you should definitely join the fp workshop on the 24th of October!

RAGweek Calendar interest


Like every year the RAGweek will release a 'Sexy with Style' calendar featuring a selection of boards with rather less clothing items than usual. This is all for a good cause, since the proceeds of calendars will go to charity: Villa Pardoes and the Plastic Soup foundation. More info on these can be found in the activity description. If you are interested in buying a calendar and supporting these charities, don't hesitate and sign up!

Programming for AI 1 Workshop


Do you still think a switch involves light? Is the only loop you know of in a rollercoaster? Do you think a double involves a date? Then you should definitely join the Programming for AI 1 workshop on the 31st of October!

Spooky Scary Sparklewine Drink

Haunted Huygens Northcanteen

Join the spooktacular drink in the haunted Huygens canteen to celebrate the end of the past horror weeks! Dress up as your biggest fear and win one of our cursed items. Order your pizza before November 6th 3PM.

Autumn Walk

Central Station Nijmegen

Join the AC on the 13th of November to the yearly Autumn Walk. Experience the beautiful forest, quizzes, a yummy pancake and a drink for just 8€! There's limited spots so sign up fast!

SNiC Presents: SingularIT! [Sold Out]

Philharmonie, Haarlem

SNiC is an organization that organizes a yearly computer science conference. CognAC is a part of SNiC, which means we are allowed to go to this year's conference! The theme of this year's conference is SingularIT: the technological singular-ity. Singularity is a term that has its origin in mathematics: there, it means 'the point where humanity will no longer be able to know what is being calculated'.