Open Meeting WKC

CognAC discord

Are you excited about organizing a real-life activity again? Are you curious about what the Weekend Committee is? Then this open meeting is for you! You don't need any committee experience. In this open meeting, we will show you how the committee works and what we are doing right now.

Can Pizza Cure Cancer?

Online – Zoom

Do you love pizza? Do you also want to find proof of why it is healthy to only eat pizza? And did you in the meantime also want to learn something about how all kinds of different sciences can be combined for some really interesting research? Then this is the event to go to!

Procam Workshop: Keuzestress


This is a sponsored activity that will be held in dutch! Gedurende je studieloopbaan moet je veel keuzes maken; “Welke studie wil ik doen?”, “Wil ik nog een vervolgstudie doen of aan het werk?”, “Welke keuzevakken of minor wil ik doen?”. In Procam's workshop Keuzestress leer je om te gaan met keuzes maken.

Wednesday </break>: Photo finish


During the May 12th Wednesday </break> the PaparaC is organizing a fast-paced photo challenge, in which you will use your creativity and improvisation skills to impress everyone with your cool pics! So if you're looking for an activity which exercises both your mind and body (you're going to be running around your room a lot), come join us May 12th!

Procam Workshop: Pitchen


This is a sponsored activity that will be held in dutch! Ben je bijna klaar met studeren en ga je binnenkort solliciteren naar je eerste baan? Of wil je simpelweg weten hoe je een sterke eerste indruk maakt? Met Procam's workshop Pitchen krijg je hiervoor belangrijke handvatten aangeleerd.

CognAC E-vening: Cuisine Pursuit

CognAC Gather Town

Are you interested in some fun food related questions, or are you just in for an amazing evening? Then you are in for a treat! Join the CognAC E-vening on the 18th to learn some cool facts.

ACAIS2021- Everyday AI

CognAC YouTube Channel

The symposium is back! This year ACAIS brings you a new edition and a new exciting theme: Everyday AI! Curious how AI is all around you?