Calculus workshop

SP A 01.09

Are you also struggling with calculus? Do you kind of understand it but still do not feel so sure about it? Or are you stressing about the upcoming exam, and would love to have some extra help? Don't worry, we've got you! Join the calculus workshop on october 22nd, and put an end to all the struggle.

N.E.C. Soccer viewing

Spinoza building

Ever wondered how the Dutch play soccer? Especially the jolly 'Nijmegenaren'? In that case join CognAC for a soccer match between N.E.C. - M.V.V. Maastricht on the 25th of October at 20:00. You can register for this activity until the 18th of October, at which point the tickets will be bought. Tickets are only €5 instead of €13

Programming 1 Workshop

TvA 1.0.02

- Do you still think a switch involves light? - Is the only loop you know of in a rollercoaster? - Do you think a double involves a date? In case you are drowing in your dispair when thinking of the Programming 1 exam, do not worry, the study committee got you!

Functional programming workshop

Gr -1.070

Do you only think of cleaning products when you hear clean? Is curry something you only put on your fries? Or is cloogle only a spelling mistake for you? Then you should definitely join the functional programming workshop on the 29th of October!

TNO lunch lecture


TNO , the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, works on an European project (TITANIUM) in which they research, develop, and validate novel data-driven techniques and solutions designed to support Law Enforcement Agencies. In this lunch lecture, they will tell more about the used technologies and considerations in this project. Register for this activity to enjoy some FREE, homemade lunch and to enjoy their talk.

CognAC Weekend 2019: Halloweekend

Central Station

The CognAC Weekend of 2019 is approaching! Get ready to spend an entire weekend with CognAC'ers on the 15th to the 17th of November. This amazing journey will cost you just about 45 euros (or 0.00577 BTC). Signing up can be done from the 11th of October, 20:00 and onwards. Be quick, be there, don't be square.

National AI Masters Fair

Hall of the Marinus Ruppert building, Utrecht

Do you want to explore the possible options for Artificial Intelligence Masters in the Netherlands? Then join us at the National AI Master’s Market on November 22nd in Utrecht! Master programmes from all over the country will be represented so you can discover what fits you best. Find out more here.

SNiC: ResilIT [FULL]

The Flint, Amersfoort

On the 26th of November, SNiC will organize their yearly symposium. This years theme is: ResilIT. Grab a ticket for the SNiC by registering for this activity! Your ticket will be ensured by being one of the first people that enroll on the website. Be quick, there's a limited amount of spots! Enrollment opens Friday 27th of September at 13:00

2020 Toronto Trip

Nijmegen CS

The TraC is organising a studytrip to Toronto in 2020! Find out all the info and sign up here!