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CognAC Discord Server

Are you an aspiring visual artist? Do you like to draw/design mock-ups/make scenes with 3d model? We have a challenge for you!

Discussion Evening- Game Edition

Do you ever get the feeling that you could have solved it better when seeing how an issue is approached? Let your creative and analytical skills be free in SC's Discussion Evening!

DAtA's Really Interesting 'N' Kool Interactive Nice Games or D.R.I.N.K.I.N.G.


Join the DAtA for the closest thing to a classic borrel we can have right now. Featuring card games, mexen, flunkyball, flunkyball? flunkyball! and more!

CognAC E-vening

CognAC Discord Server

It's all fun and games until the Jackbox nation attacks... then it's fun and games with your fellow CognACies!

Wednesday </break>: PC Music Bingo

CognAC Discord

Can’t wait for the Parents Day and are you in for a fun game with some music? Then join the PC’s Wednesday </break> activity on the 10th of March where we will be organizing the PC Music Bingo!

Board applications are open!

A board year, undoubtedly one of the best ways to grow as a person for a student. Get to know many new skills, people and more importantly: yourself. CognAC is looking for a new board, and you could just be a part of this! Read more to see what it entails, and how to apply.

New merch form + information pick-up moment

Maria Montessori building

The new merchandise form is open, including the new limited edition lustrum merch specials! In this post you can also find info about the pick-up moment (!!) for the merchandise you ordered last november, the almanacs, the goodiebags and many other items.

League of Legends championship Nijmegen

The LCN Games Discord

Are you ready for the biggest game tournament in CognAC, because we are back. After a year without a tournament we are now extra excited to bring you the Lol of Legends championship Nijmegen once again! Join with four of your friends and fight for the LCN cup.