[POSTPONED]Lunchlecture: Exploring new opportunities for Neural Networks presented by Exner

E 2.50

In this lunchlecture Exner will talk about their robotic welding and how they want to explore the possibilities for AI to improve the efficiency of their welding platforms!

Lab Session #5

SP A 01.09

Are you having trouble with one of your courses? Feel like homework is taking over your life? Enroll for the SC lab sessions! There will be volunteers walking around to help you with general questions about different topics. Stop procrastinating and finish your homework in one evening so you can chill for the rest of your weekend! Join us on Thursday, 19th of April, in order to make sure that you keep up with your homework. Also, there's room to order pizza (at own cost), so make sure to register a.s.a.p.!

InDesign Beginner Workshop

GR 1.170

Step up your typography, layout AND design game by going to the InDesign workshop the 23rd of April, in the break. Enjoy some free drinks while watching Jorrit explain it all. Max out your Adobe skill to 100! Why should you use InDesign? Read more!

Drinking on the Job 2018

South street, Huygensgebouw

The third edition of Drinking on the Job, organized by the external committee, is upon us! During this event, you'll get the chance to have a fancy drink and get to know some companies in the field of AI. We spared neither trouble nor expense and invited eight, unique companies! Nearly every branch of AI will be represented. And just in case you are not yet comfortable to talk to that many companies, there will be free beer to help yourself loosen up. If you have no idea what you what/can do after your study, join us and find out!

[AC] Scavenger Hunt

TvA 8 -1.014

Can you solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes? Do you have as quick a wit as Indiana Jones? Then here's your chance to prove it. (or do you like fun and free drinks because that's what you'll get) Because the 25th of April at 18:00 the hunt will begin. This epic battle between man and machine will decide the future of the Spinoza building as we know it, it is the AC Scavenger Hunt! Apply as soon as you can, either alone or as a group up to six people, order your pizza, prepare your brain and let the games begin!

Privacy [Will be moved, the new date will be announced soon]


The state of our privacy has been an ever increasingly important topic in recent years. Big corporations are creating free products with the only condition of storing your data and using it to their will. Cameras are essentially everywhere. The average person has usually two in front of his face. One staring at him, the other in the direction he is looking. The government can monitor any online communication, regardless of whether the people monitored are suspects or not. Should the government have the control over your data and what can you do to protect it? How much privacy are you willing to sacrifice for the exchange of supposed security? Is privacy a thing of the past, or are people being overdramatic?

Masters' Get Together

Heyendaalseweg 141

On Tuesday, the 08.05.2018 at 20:00 the monthly Get Together in the Sportcafé (Heyendaalseweg 141) will take place. Come around and grab a drink with you fellow students :)

Beer tasting evening

1, Franseplaats, 6511 VS Nijmegen

What is better than a good craft beer on a sunny summer’s day? The only right answer to this question is of course: 10 different craft beers on a sunny summer’s day! “But how can I get 10 craft beers, I’m just a poor student?” you might wonder. The Master Committee has you covered: Come join us on a trip to heaven (metaphorically and literally speaking!) on the 15th of May in Café de Hemel.

Movie Night & Discussion - Do You Trust This Computer?


Another collaboration between the SC and the DisCo! Do you want to know more about general A.I.? All the most important topics of A.I. will be discussed. Come join us for this evening to form your own opinion (and enjoy free drinks and food). Here is the trailer: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6hfp2f

ACAIS 2018

De Lindenberg

Do you like studying AI? Because then we have some great news for you. This year, CognAC will be hosting their annual Symposium again! The place to learn even more exciting things about AI. The theme of ACAIS 2018 will be... AI & Language! Are you a curious student who wants to expand their knowledge? Read along and find everything you need to know about ACAIS 2018!

Hitchhiking Contest 2018

to be announced

Bored of sitting at home and studying? Then the CognAC Hitchhiking contest is the best reason for you to go on a short, adventures trip! The destination will still stay a secret, but it is easily reachable within 250km-400km. An accommodation including breakfast for ~16€ is organized by the AC. ll people that want to have another challenge can hitchhike back to Nijmegen. The registration starts on the 28th of March. In order to register, you must fill in the enrollment form (link in the description).