Fri, 27 May 2022

CognAC weekend

ALOHA! ☀☀ You thought you were rid of us? But guess what: we're back! With an even greater weekend full of wonderful (Hawaiian-themed) activities 🥥🌊 We are ready! Are you? 🥳

Tue, 31 May 2022
Student Chapel on Campus

Fine Dining

It is our pleasure to announce that the Fine Dining is back, and this year it will be fancier than ever! Enjoy a carefully crafted 5-course meal made by yours truly, the FC, for only 15€. The dinner takes place on Tuesday May 31 at 17:30 in the Student Chapel on campus. The sign-up opens at Friday 13 May at 13:00 and there are limited spots, so be quick!

Wed, 1 Jun 2022
Lindenberg Cultuurhuis

ACAIS 2022 - EducAItion

The Annual CognAC Artificial Intelligence Symposium is almost here! This year, the SymCo is bringing you an exciting new edition- EducAItion!

Tue, 7 Jun 2022
MM 00.029

Election General Members Meeting

On June 7th the Election GMM will take place, here the XXXII candidate board will present their policy vision and proposal budget. We will vote on this and have some lovely (vegan) cake with it :)

Wed, 8 Jun 2022
Openluchtbad De Goffert
3/30 spots left

AC Pool Day!

Ready to cool off from the hot weather?🌞 Want to go zwemmen in something else than Bacardi Lemon?🏊‍♀️ Forget exams and deadlines for a little while and come to the pool with the AC!

Thu, 9 Jun 2022

Escape Room testing

Do you like escape rooms? Are you good at puzzles? The Orientation Committee is making an escape room for the introduction week, and we need people to test it! Join us on the 9th of June at 10:30 to prove your intelligence, and help us improve the escape room!

Thu, 9 Jun 2022
MM 03.610
27/35 spots left

Workshop by Exellys

Our partner Exellys will give a workshop about web development!

Thu, 1 Sep 2022
Donders Institute

[CANCELLED]Donders Institute- The Tour

Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it the research institute that we always hear about but never do anything with? It is indeed the Donders Institute! And the SC is bringing you the opportunity to check it out!