cognac logo Activities Committee
Activities Committee
The Activities Committee (AC) is in charge of organising general activities. These activities include bowling, the audio/video master events, and the yearly Autumn walk.
cognac logo Almanac Committee 2020-2021
Almanac Committee 2020-2021
The Almanac Committee (AlmanaC) prepares the next almanac. In such an almanac, all highlights of the year are collected and presented together with pictures of all the nice memories. At the beginning of the academic year, members can buy the almanac of the previous year.
cognac logo Audit Committee
Audit Committee
The Audit Committee (AuC) is here to dot the i's and cross the t's. Around four times each year, they check the cashbox to make sure the board is properly carrying out its work. Each year, this committee is formed during the board change GMM.
cognac logo Board Application Committee
Board Application Committee
The Board Application Committee (BAC) is responsible for choosing the new Candidate Board of CognAC. The committee consists of two board members, three senate members and one member that gets elected during the half-year GMM.
cognac logo City Trip Committee
City Trip Committee
The City Trip Committee (CTC) organizes day trips to cities within The Netherlands (or at least closeby) and living Monopoly, which takes place on Good Friday. Teams of 4-6 students must visit streets across the Netherlands while completing all sorts of tasks.
cognac logo Drinks Committee: Alcohol to Apple juice
Drinks Committee: Alcohol to Apple juice
The Drinks Committee: Alcohol to Apple juice (DAtA) organise a monthly themed get-together in north canteen of Olympus, located in the Huygens Building.
cognac logo External Committee
External Committee
The External Committee (XC) is responsible for organising the yearly Drinking on the Job event, (lunch-)lectures by sponsors, and the CognAC Career Week. They also help the Chief of External Affairs on its duty.
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cognac logo First Years Committee
First Years Committee
The First-Years’ Committee (1C) is a committee that helps familiarise first-year students with CognAC and committee work. They organise two small, but still very popular activities, such as a cantus.
cognac logo Food Committee
Food Committee
The Food Committee (FC) organises a yearly diner rouler, together with lunches and breakfasts for our members, because everyone loves food!
cognac logo Gaming Committee
Gaming Committee
The Gaming Committee (GaCo) organises the annual CognAC League of Legends tournament in the URD, when 32 teams from across the university battle for the coveted cup. Fun fact: this is the biggest LoL event of the BeNeLux.
cognac logo International Committee
International Committee
The International Committee (InC) is here to function as a platform for both international students as well as native Dutchies. They organise varying activities with an international theme.
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cognac logo Lustrum Committee
Lustrum Committee
Every five year, CognAC celebrates a lustrum. The committee (LC) organizes an anniversary celebration week full of festive activities.
cognac logo Master Committee
Master Committee
The Master’s Committee (MaC) organises activities oriented towards Master’s students, although Bachelor’s students are also more than welcome to attend to get to know the Master's, both the programme and its students.
cognac logo Orientation Committee
Orientation Committee
The Orientation Committee (OrC) organises the annual orientation for incoming AI students. They ensure that all first-year students get a fantastic introduction to the student life, and CognAC.
cognac logo Paparazzi Committee
Paparazzi Committee
The Paparazzi Committee (PaparaC) captures CognAC activities and its attendees through photos and videos. They are also responsible for the annual CognAC movie, which is premiered during the introduction week.
cognac logo Parents day Committee
Parents day Committee
The Parents day Committee (PC) organises the annual Parents Day. On this day, the parents of AI students can get to know our study programme, the university, and CognAC. This way they get a peak in the daily lives of their kid(s).
cognac logo Study Committee
Study Committee
The Study Committee (SC) regularly arranges study sessions or workshops for courses that students need extra help in. They are also in charge of maintaining the study materials on the cloud. Finally, this committee organises the movie nights, which is where they screen films related to AI.
cognac logo Sweden Committee
Sweden Committee
Every year, the Sweden Committee (SweC) takes care of communication with our sister association in Sweden (KogVet). The committee switches roles every year: one year, the Sweden Committee plans the CognAC trip to Sweden, while the other year, they plan a fun programme of activities for the Swedes who come visit us in the Netherlands.
cognac logo Symposium Committee
Symposium Committee
Since 2007, the Symposium Committee (SymCo) has organised the Annual CognAC Artificial Intelligence Symposium (ACAIS). Members of this committee keep themselves busy devising a fun and interesting theme and finding suitable speakers to recruit.
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cognac logo Travel Committee
Travel Committee
The Travel Committee (TraC) organises an international trip every two years. They organise a week full of interesting activities, such as company visits, sightseeing and visiting the local Universities.
cognac logo Website Committee
Website Committee
The Website Committee (WebC) is by far the greatest and most fun committee in CognAC, and is responsible for the upkeep of the website. Have you noticed a mistake on the website by chance, or is something missing? Please e-mail your feedback to
cognac logo Weekend Committee
Weekend Committee
The Weekend Committee (WkC) focuses on organising a fun CognAC weekend, which allows members to enjoy the weekend with each other. The WkC prepares food all weekend, together with tons of entertainment.