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Is anything missing? Send an email to the WebC or the Chief of Education!

How do I sign up?

You can simply sign up here. If you however want tosign up using cash then, you can register manually either at the board room or by downloading a form from the website (see documents). After that, youwill have to print it, fill it in and give it to a board member, put it in the CognAC mail box orsend it by e-mail to registration@svcognac.nl.

Can I sign up online?

Yes! Either via this link or the registration form.For the form, you can navigate to the documents, download the registration form, fill it in and send it by e-mail to registration@svcognac.nl.

Does my yearly membership elongate itself or do I have to do anything?

It elongates itself. You will be notified about money being deducted and you get adeadline of signing off. If you don't take action, it will elongate itself.

How do I join the tutoring network?

You join the tutoring network by sending an email to education@svcognac.nl.Make sure to mention the relevant courses and the corresponding grades.

Do I still have to sign the privacy form?

Yes, if you became a member before the academic year 18/19.

How do I activate my CognAC account?

Once you registration has been processed, you will receive an email.Click the link in the email and follow the instructions.

Can I bring a friend to an activity who is not a CognAC member?

It depends on the activity. If spots are limited, we give priority to CognAC members.However, if there are enough spots available, you can ask the organizing committee or boardwhether it is allowed. It is common that non-members pay a higher entrance fee than members.

Am I allowed to join Master activities as a Bachelor and vice versa?

Yes, you can join any CognAC activity independent of who organizes it.

Do I have to drink alcohol?

No, not at all! It is not uncommon or weird to not drink alcohol.

Is anything obligatory?

No, nothing is obligatory. You can be a member and never join any activity(although that is really sad...).

How do I get a discount on books?

Make sure that you are logged in and visit svcognac.nl/studies/booksfor further instructions.

Why should I become a member?

You get full access to all CognAC activities and events that CognAC co-organizes or is affiliated with. Furthermore, there are discounts that you can only get as member.For instance, a reduced price for study books!

Where can I reserve a room?

You can reserve a room for yourself here.Simply fill in your s-number and password and choose a room. For instructions or further information visit https://www.ru.nl/library/services/study/reservation-study/.