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Confidential Contact Person: We Want You!

Confidential Contact Person: We Want You!

Fri, 10 Nov 2023

written by Viktor Lukanovski

It's that time of the year again, the board is looking for a new confidant and we think that you might be the perfect candidate. At this point you might be asking yourself “But what is a confidant exactly and what do they do?”. Well, we are glad you asked. This blog post will tell you exactly what you can expect from them and how they operate in our association.

With social safety being a rather trendy topic as of late, the university would like every study association to have two confidants available for their members. These confidants serve as first contact for members encountering any issues in situations they might find themselves in during CognAC events. Consequently, Radboud trains confidants to listen and carefully consider the things they are being told. With this information, confidants are there to refer you to the appropriate contact person that the university offers. So do keep in mind that confidants aren't trained to substantively help you with the issue you are running into, rather, they help you find the correct person to follow up with.

In our association, confidants rotate every single year. This means that a contact person that has just finished their training, will always have a more experienced partner to go to in case that they run into a particularly difficult situation or simply aren't sure what to do. This system ensures that, even in times of a vacancy like right now, there is always at least one confidant on hand to help members out during the entirety of the academic year.

Are you interested in potentially being a confidant and helping your fellow CognAC members out? Send your application to secretary@svcognac.nl. Keep in mind that applications are open until November 17th. Should you need to speak to the current confidant, check out this page.