Artificial Intelligence Intern

Saia Agrobotics


Type: Full time

Where: Saia Agrobotics




Artificial Intelligence Intern

Location: Wageningen Campus

Type: Full-Time Position

Start: Summer 2023


If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and robotics, and want to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of agriculture, we invite you to explore internship and career opportunities with Saia Agrobotics. Together, we can create a more sustainable and efficient future for greenhouse farming.


Company background

Saia Agrobotics is an innovative company that brings the advantages of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture. We are developing a revolutionary new way of growing, where plants are made mobile and visit centralised maintenance stations. This poses many interesting challenges which we are currently trying to solve.


About the internship

As an artificial intelligence intern, you will be working closely with our Software Team, but also with interdisciplinary colleagues who are experts in plant cultivation, greenhouse innovation and  mechanical engineering. You will be expected to do literature research on the internship topic and contribute your own ideas. You will then get to develop a proof-of-concept and do experiments to validate the proof-of-concept. Finally, you will be expected to document your findings in a report and present it to your colleagues.


Saia Agrobotics is a disruptive innovative startup and is constantly working on the latest challenges, for example in the Computer Vision domain. A few examples of projects that might be interesting to pursue:

  • Effectively combining information from multiple views.

Saia is in a unique position to record individual greenhouse crops from multiple viewpoints. There are a multitude of valid strategies to combine information from different views. We are always interested in improving our current models and algorithms. Your project could be to develop and test novel ways to combine information from multiple views and maybe even outperform our current solution.

  • Exploring alternative model architectures.

The field of artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace. New model architectures and training strategies are proposed every month. Your project could be to implement and compare the latest and greatest models and strategies to see if you can beat our models.


At Saia Agrobotics we are open to your creativity and interests. Does an internship at Saia sound interesting to you, but do you have a different idea for a project? Please let us know. We aim to tailor projects to our interns so they are motivated to take ownership of their project and are free to work on their own ideas.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for talent. A student who is interested in the fields of computer vision, deep learning and horticulture, who is enjoys tackling technically challenging research problems. You work independently and have a structured approach to the given task. Furthermore, you are comfortable working in a team and be willing to learn more about the domain and the field.


- You are following a Master's study in a relevant field, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data or Computer Science.

- You have good communication skills in English.

- Experience with pytorch is a plus.


Interested? Contact us through our contact form on our website or send us an e-mail!