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Bachelor & Master Internships

Note that you will find the actual internships on the ING page linked. These internships change every time, so keep an eye out for their website.

Are you a talented STEM student, do you love an intellectual challenge and would you like to learn more about virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D technology and (game) development projects? At ING Tech Research & Development you will be able to take your expertise to the next level and make maximum use of your knowledge while working in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

Seeking high potentials

We work and experiment with the latest technologies together with talented STEM students who are keen to join us with taking the next step towards revolutionary technologies. We facilitate internships and graduation assignments.

Not a traditional bank

ING strives to become a global scalable digital platform. This is aligned with our ‘Think Forward’ strategy: ‘’Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.’’ At Tech R&D we turn that vision into reality by continuously staying two or three steps ahead, where we excel at transforming our efforts into an extremely personalised customer experience that sets us apart from the rest.  

Never a dull moment

Together with technology experts, students and our expertise in business we offer our customers an exceptional and very personal experience. This collaboration has yielded impressive results, such as creating a VR experience of the Nightwatch of Rembrandt van Rijn, the first ING NFT, security processes in serious gaming and an educational blockchain simulation. Together with game designers, artists and developers you get the opportunity to work on a project from scratch.  

Cutting-edge technologies

Our team, ranging from young talented interns with a variety of backgrounds: to tech and business experts is united in their shared fascination for cutting-edge technologies and how these technologies can be deployed within our products and solutions to keep adding values for our customers.

ING Tech R&D co-exists within the following domains

  • Virtual reality and Augmented reality: we produce serious games, experiences and simulations that are available in VR or AR.
  • Development projects: for various departments within ING we produce web
  • experiences, simulations and serious games.
  • 3D technology: we do research on the applicability of 3D printers and 3D laptops. And we develop our ING branded 3D models. 
  • Robotics: for robot Pepper we do research and build functionalities.
  • Events: we showcase and develop simulations and experiences for ING (customer) events.

What will you do?

You can join us in this journey. Whether you are studying a bachelor’s or master’s programme, we provide the option to gain experience or preform research in a technology focused, dynamic and innovative work environment. You will be involved in real innovation and have the freedom to experiment and put your skills into practice. You will work in collaboration with other experts from a plethora of disciplines, becoming part of a solid business network and be able to continuously grow as a professional while also working on your personal development.


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