Part time job at Bit Acadamy [Dutch Only]

Bit Acadamy


Type: Part time

Where: Bit Acadamy




Phone: 020 247 0347

Job Description

We are looking for future Developers who are excited and have the skills to educate. You will be a community coach teaching programming skills on a weekly base in the morning, evening or the entire day. Yes, we are very flexible!  

At Bit Academy we educate Tech leaders of the future. With a strong focus on peer-to-peer education and learning by doing. Due to the close cocreation with the business industry we can assure that our educational system stays up to date. Students are motivated to become better and better on a daily base, and we are there to support them. Once you have finished your education at Bit Academy, we can guarantee a successful start of your career. 

Life-long learning is an important theme at Bit Academy. As after your education it is crucial to continue developing your skills in order to stay relevant. Therefore, Bit Academy participates in the Nederland Leert Door program, which is supported by the government. Within this program, we can offer adults a free online course at Bit Academy. We provide a 10-week program junior data engineer and full stack web developer of which many participants are glad to be part of it. 

During these 10 weeks each participant has been assigned to a specific group. Throughout this period, they will meet with their group on a weekly base during a two-hour online meeting. This method supports the education progress of each participant. Next to that, everyone has access to the Online Learning Community, where questions can be asked (we use Slack) and answered by our community coaches, who are available on a daily base. Furthermore, live coding sessions are hosted where specific techniques and skills will be explained (via Zoom). 

What are you going to do?

As a community coach you support our participants along their way of becoming a better programmer. Programming skills are thought by doing and therefore our focus is on producing instead of consuming. Our education material is created in a way that participants can individually explore exercises on their own pace. Once a participant is stuck or is in need for help, you as a community coach will be there for support. This is done by answering questions in the online learning community or via a Zoom call. We keep on constantly developing our educational material and adding exercises to our education system. 


  • You are (one of) the coaches of the online community that counts more than 1000 members

  • You are there for support and answering questions related to programming

  • You know how to translate complicated concepts into a simple explanation 

  • You will host online (via Zoom) live coding sessions for the community

  • You like to teach others programming skills

  • You enjoy sharing your skills and add valuable knowledge to our educational program 


  • IT knowledge (such as PHP, Databases, JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming) and/or Data knowledge (Python, SQL, Pandas, Seaborn, Jupyter Notebook)

  • Presentation skills

  • Ability to provide feedback

  • You enjoy working in teams and support this 

  • Inspire, support and motivate others 

What can you expect from us? 

  • A training to get ready for coaching

  • Fixed trainings to develop your own skills

  • Very enthusiast team

  • Weekly check-ins to discuss the way of working

  • An appropriate compensation


Are you interested?

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