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Type: Internship

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Saia Agrobotics, an innovative and disruptive start-up in the agro-tech space, is offering an internship position (WO) for sharp-minded students who share our ambition to work on the future of autonomous greenhouse growing.

Saia has a mission to bring t he revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture, aiming to solve the labour problems in this sector, whilst providing the world a more sustainable solution for future food security.

Worldwide there is a high pressure on agriculture to automate further. Although the world produces enough calories to feed 20 billion people today, yields on f resh foods will have to increase sustainably to provide a healthy meal for all. Furthermore, fewer people are willing to do menial labour in the greenhouse than before.

We strongly believe robotics is the answer.

Saia is looking for an intern who will be working on t he future of autonomous greenhouse growing with us by developing a computer vision system for plant phenotyping. With the help of our artificial intelligence engineer, you will get the opportunity to gain experience with every step of the process, from gathering data to validating your model.

Experience with computer vision or artificial intelligence is preferred. An affinity with plants is a must, as part of the internship will take place in a greenhouse!

Our operations are situated at the Wageningen Campus, where SAIA recently moved into a fully renovated farm barn, including, and not totally irrelevant or start-ups, a large garage door.
Nearby, SAIA makes use of t he greenhouse facilities to test the robots.

We can offer you a taste of the start-up culture with a spot in a close, young and ambitious dream team with highly specified technological skills that will i nnovate towards the agricultural future, flexible hours and a market-rate compensation.
If you are excited to work with us on the future of autonomous greenhouse growing then we should have a cup of coffee!

If you are interested, but would like to work on a different project, send us an e-mail! Maybe we can still work together.