Meet Jobdigger

In 2013, we started out with three former computer science students to map out the demand side of the job market. Since then, Jobdigger has grown into an international data software company that harnesses the potential of machine learning technology. While we have grown enormously both in terms of our customer base and as a team, we at Jobdigger still always put personal contact and short lines of communication with our customers first. And it is very important to us to give that same attention to our employees.

What we do and how we help

Jobdigger offers job market data in various European countries, mainly to companies in the temporary employment industry, but also to government agencies, educational institutions, local authorities, and various corporate clients. We have a complete and up-to-date overall view of the Dutch, Belgian, and French job markets. Jobdigger supports its customers in operating faster and more effectively with the right insight into the job market, whether to find interesting leads or to get the right match between company and candidate. 

But also between people and society, such as for the Employee Insurance Agency, government agencies, and educational institutions. Our data is an important source, too, for anyone searching for the right employer, from recently graduated jobseekers to people looking to rejoin the labour force.

The team

The team that makes it all happen includes front-end and back-end developers, neurolinguistic programmers, marketing and sales professionals, and data quality specialists. Every day, we (via our software) spider the web for new job vacancies. All the vacancies we find are posted on Jobdigger. We also use this data for market, target group, company, and other analyses. These analyses enable Jobdigger users to find out quickly what the most in-demand jobs are in a certain industry, for example, or in a specific geographical area. In a nutshell, we make the job market easier to navigate for everyone who operates in it. 

Working at Jobdigger

Working at Jobdigger means being part of an informal and passionate team. At Jobdigger, you get ample opportunity to pursue personal growth and development, and we’ll be there to help you and spar with you on technical challenges and troubleshooting approaches. But it’s not all work and no play, as there’s also room for the social side of work in the form of team drinks or outings, locally or further afield. If you want to find out more about a career at Jobdigger, please contact us or stop by our modern offices in Arnhem. We’re often on the lookout for new talent.


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