Published on: 08 January 2018
Written by: Jorrit Geels

Written by Jorrit Geels

We started the interview by Lea constantly interrupting me with the most annoying song in her Spotify playlist. Then she wondered what Baby Alpaca I was that day, together with the goat of the day. After this, we watched a bit of the most important videos, got ourselves a cup of tea, made sure the toasties were ready: this was bound to be a good interview. Here we go!

Before I start the regular questions, I’ve been wondering this for the past couple of minutes: what is YOUR longest yeah boi?

The following measurement surprised me: 18,61s.

What’s yours?

Mine turned out to be 12,89s. Very disappointing. 

Well then, could you introduce yourself?

I am Lea Nugteren, 5000 years old.

Okay so you are 20 years old..

How do you know??? DATALEK!! No, but for real: I am 20, born on the 10th of July. I have used MSN, just so you new kids out there know how old I am. I have a sister, Alex, and a brother, Han, of which I am the youngest. My mom is a Star Wars fan, but I swear we weren’t named after them.

Do you like coughing in fridges?

*stands up* *opens fridge* *coughs* *closes fridge*
Does that answer your question?

This is your vibe. Onto the next question: what is it you do as treasurer?

Oh I thought we were continuing the line of the fridge cougher.


There’s two kinds of fridge coughing: sometimes you get something out of the fridge, sometimes you just open the fridge just to cough in it. The latter, I’ve only performed it twice. I also consider coughing in freezers; can you cough with water in your mouth and then freeze it instantly? Then we could sell perfume that smells like my coughs.

This is getting out of hand.
Me, trying to put this interview back on track and not wanting to embarrass the CogBlog any longer: What is it you do as a treasurer?

A lot of paperwork, lots and lots of printing. I really like maths and numbers, which came in handy too. Honest confession: it is not hard at all. Just make sure everyone sends me their receipts. Outside of my treasurer function, I do a lot of general tasks, just because I like doing things: I am responsible of the merchandise, I organised our constitution drink, I manage our supplies as well. I basically am that person that runs after you begging you to fill in forms and wants to pay you back for everything you did for CognAC.

What do you like about being a board member?

The board itself. The social part of being a board member is the most fun. Meeting tons of new people is the best way to not study. I also like having the toastie maker. I am sorry, you probably won’t hear everything because I am eating.

It’s fine, I am too.

Anyway, it’s a lot of work, the non-social part. So it balances itself out.

Why did you choose to study AI?

I really liked math, but did not want to study math. I was kind of afraid of programming, which is why I did not study computer science in the end. Looking back at it, that would have been the better choice, although right now, after I got my AI bachelor degree, I will be sitting on 90 EC (half) of the computer science Program. I also really like the brain, and philosophy. That is why I chose AI. I fell in love with AI.

When did you fall in love with CognAC?

Day 1, motherfuckers.

What committees have you joined?

I was the chair of the 1C (we did the first 1Cantus, shoutout to 15/16 1C), I also joined the AC in that year, together with the TraC. We went to Berlin that year, and I was the travel guide. I also joined SkiCo at the end of my first year, but I did not go skiing myself, since I don’t like it enough to pay it for myself. .

In my second year, I chaired the Parents day Committee, which was new that year. That was a lot of fun! I also joined the WkC that year, and I came up with the bathrobes. Proud af. I became chair of the TraC that year, which I still am, and it is a lot of fun. I also got elected for the DPC, which I have been re-elected for this year. This year, I am in the SymCo as well.

I’ve seen those bathrobes quite some times. Most other board members have them as well. Did you know everyone well before you joined the board?

Yes, Lennart is a good friend of mine, for instance. I knew Karcie from her first intro, and also a little bit before. Bram was my intro-dad actually, and I met Niels after I knew he had interest in being a board member. I did not know Sanne that much, I only knew who she was, but after she came back from studying abroad, we became friends. We went to Germany this holiday for Christmas! Together with her boyfriend and Niels. There were goats. There were Skelters. It was awesome.

Okay and what is it you do outside of your life as being a board member?


The world is not ready for this yet. Can you give a different answer?

Your mom.

A true one, that is?

I watch a lot of series, I really like How I Met Your Mother, but right now I am watching The Office. I recently saw this genius episode: you should see it.

Right now?

Right now. Too excited.

We then continued watching S05E14 of The Office. Y’all should see it.

Ivet from study association Postelein heard some noise, so she figured she could enter the room. She wanted to give Lea a new years hug, but she apologised in advance for her alcohol smell. Lea thought it was not as bad as she said, and then they continued to talk for about fifteen minutes. We then realised that we were actually doing an interview, and continued, or at least tried. Ivet went off to her parents, hungover as she was. First we realised it was Friday, so we had to send the weekly Kakhiel. After making Sigur proud, we could resume the interview…

What kind of music do you listen to?

*Lea turns on the annoying song she tried to annoy me with at the start of the interview*

What would you listen to if you actually liked me?

I don’t know, I listen to a lot. I listen to Drum n Bass, Trap, rap, dutch rap as well. Shoutout lil kleine & Ronnie Flex. Alternative indie as well, and sometimes I just find out about an artist and listen to everything they did.

Do you dislike any music?

Nahh, not really. I don’t really hate anything.



What’s your favourite life hack?

Brush your teeth while being on the toilet. It saves a lot of time. Also, if you buy some rice waffles, you can remove the top of the wrapping thingy and turn it around, to use it as a cover.

Very very very interesting. Do you have any study hacks?

Well, yes I do! Don’t try to tryhard the study, I’d much rather spend 4 years doing the bachelor and have more fun, then do it in the actual three years and only focus on studying. Broaden yourself! Meet new people, go to that party you wanted to go to. Do that extra committee to broaden your horizon, do some sports. Take it a little slower and do whatever you love.

Do you have a life motto?

I have three of them. First one: Dancing is basically trying to keep standing up when drunk.
Passing is not failing is no regrets. This actually rhymes in dutch okay, it works. (Falen = niet halen = niet balen)

Last one: As long as you ignore something, it is not there.

Who do you want to do a shoutout to?

Shoutout to my poes. Of course.

Other than my poes, I’d like to do a shoutout to the TraC, shoutout to the original Parentsday Committee, 15/16 1C, XXVII, Jorrit’s mom,

*breathes in heavily*, okay, go on.

Shoutout to Nouds Deunôrteam, KI negers & bitches, Tommie and the Leo board.

Is there any last thing you want to tell us?

Dabs are never going out of fashion #StayStronk2018. You can’t read it in text, but I did a dab there. Also, you have very big hands like wtf.