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Career Week

Career Week

Mon, 16 Jan 2023

written by Spence van Asperdt

The Career Week is a yearly event organised by CognAC. It is meant to provide CognAC members with a coherent set of career-related activities. This includes talks, networking and more for everyone, no matter how far you are in your AI studies.

This year’s edition is from Tuesday the 7th of February until Wednesday the 15th of February. During this week the External Committee (XC) organises five activities, for each activity there is a separate registration. You can find more about how to register for each activity in the activity descriptions on the website when they have been put online. During the lunch lectures there will be free lunch, the XC will make sure there is enough variety in lunch. Registering for the lunch lectures is mandatory if you want free lunch. That way there will be enough for everyone.

The activities during the Career Week organised by the XC are:

Additionally, there are some other career-related activities during the week that are not organised by the XC. These are:

More information on these events will show up soon on the CognAC website, so keep an eye on this.

Want to know more about what CognAC has to offer career wise? This September we organized a How-to-Career talk, the slides of this talk can be found on the Study Cloud.

Behind all this is a small group of motivated people; the External Committee. Their aim is to narrow the gap between practise and theory, and student and young professionals. To achieve this goal they organise Drinking on the Job and the Career Week together with the Chief of External Affairs.

The XC is very excited about the Career Week and hope you are as well! Any questions/comments? You can always contact the XC at contact@svcognac.nl