Published on: 26 May 2016
Written by: Berend van Deelen

Lea, 18 years old and AI bachelor student, was the AI* of the month January. Her being the chair of the 1C is one of the reasons she is worthy of this very honorable honor. Read on and find out all that is to know about Lea!

Tell me something about yourself!

My name is Lea and I am eighteen years old! I was born in Utrecht and grew up there in a nice home in the east/center of Utrecht. I've got one brother, Han, he studies liberal arts and sciences in Middelburg. My sister Alex studies Technische Bestuurskunde at Delft Univeristy. I also have two cats! They're called Boeffie & Vlekkie and the mean the world to me! When I came to Nijmegen I started playing Lacrosse. Bellamie (fellow CognAC member) also plays for our team!


Why did you decide to study Artificial Intelligence?

Not because of the robots! I really liked the idea of combining knowledge of the brain with this more formal, mathematical way of thinking. First, I tried to get into an English University, but it turned out that it was very expensive to study there. Then, I checked some of the Dutch universities. I didn't want to stay in Utrecht. I tried to go to the "Open Day" of AI at the Radboud University, but someone jumped in front of the train on my way there. So I arranged a 'meeloopdag'. I ended up with hanging around with Lennart en Sjors and liked it a lot!


What do you think is the most fun course?

I really like Lineare Algebra! It is fun to play around with the numbers and it's a very concrete subject. I did get a nine for it!


Why did you decide to become an active member of CognAC?

Well, my introduction parent Jake told me that the 1C was really cool! I got some people together to join me, and there it was! I think it's fun to organise events. After this I also decided to join the RC and Jake (again) convinced me to join the AC as well.


What do you think is the most fun thing CognAC organises?

I especially like the DAtA borrels! But if there are fun people, it doesn't really matter what we do.


What is your favorite committee?

The 1C is my favorite committee! That's because I'm the chairwoman and because a lot of friends of me are part of the committee, the meetings are lots of fun! I like the other committees as well, but they are more serious, which is also good in a way.


Do you plan on joining other committees?

Yeah, maybe the DAtA next year! I'd also like to join the IC, but this year, I want to be a mentor first.


Okay, enough about CognAC, more about you! What was your best holiday ever?

That would be my trip to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore with my best friends! We went there for five weeks. I will never forget the beautiful skyline of Singapore and the Petronatowers. We did a lot of crazy stuff there, we've seen deserted islands, tagged along with a local for a day, got massages and went to pretty little beaches. Also Marina Bay Sands is great!


What kind of music do you like?

I'm into rap and alternative indie. I knew Maclemore before he became famous (so hipster!)! I also like artists as Jack Garratt and Woody Allen. Music sung in Dutch doesn't really do it for me, but I do like the music they play in clubs. 


What is your guilty pleasure?

Whenever I get home, I take of my pants immediately and switch them for sweatpants!


What would be a good pet for CognAC, in your opinion?

Two mouses called "Blik & Veger"  That's because CognAC represent AI and AI is the creating and testing of stuff. You test stuff on mouses, hence Blik & Veger. (?!?)