Board of 2020-2021

Chair of board 2020-2021
Emma Beekman
Chair of the 30th board of CognAC


Hey all!
My name is Emma, I'm a second year AI student and this year I have the honour of representing CognAC as the Chair. I'm 20 years old and have been living in Nijmegen since the start of my studies two years ago. Before that, I used to live with my parents in a small village near Deventer.

I joined CognAC during the orientation week in my first year. I started out not very active, only joining a few drinks and activities. After the first semester, applications for the Travel Committee opened up and I decided to join this committee because I love organising trips (R.I.P. Toronto 2020). I immediately fell in love with committee work (organising activities, meeting new people, the legendary Onions (="uitje" with your committee) etc.). In the beginning of my second year, I decided to join two more committees: the SC and CTC.

Doing three committees wasn't enough for me, so after another half-year I decided to help out organising CognAC's sixth lustrum by joining the Lustrum Committee (spoiler: it will be awesome!). Around this time, the idea of doing a board year also came up and I decided to apply.

Next to CognAC and the occasional studying, my hobbies include: falling asleep while watching a movie, chilling with my roommates while they are cooking (I usually just do the dishes hahaha) and trying out new things (I recently tried spinning at RSC, I really like it so far!). My biggest hobby used to be going out in the city center of Nijmegen, so chances are that you'll run into me there once it's possible again!

If you ever have a question about CognAC or just want to have a chat, feel free to approach me! You can always text me, send an e-mail to, or stop by the board room or tk once we are back on campus again.

Secretary of board 2020-2021
Noa Baijens
Secretary of the 30th board of CognAC


Hey everyone!
My name is Noa Baijens, and I have the best function of all: Secretary. I also come from the best province in The Netherlands, which is of course Noord-Brabant. I'm 20 years old and I grew up in Son, near Eindhoven, where I still go regularly to visit my 2 cats (and my family lol).

Since 2 years I live in Nijmegen and I like it very much! I'm a huge music fan. I have about 100 vinyl records and love to visit concerts and festivals. I also like to hang out and drink the occasional beer with my friends, go for a run, and spend all my money on dumb stuff online.

I immediately loved the atmosphere within the AI program and within CognAC. We are quite a big (and growing!) association, but it still feels like a small family to me. I joined CognAC in the orientation week and joined the 1C soon after. But I didn't just leave it at the bad movie night, afterwards I organized the Weekend, some crash courses and a failed Toronto trip.

Even though things are not what we expected, I hope to organize many new cool things for you guys together with my board! I will also reply to all your emails (send them to me via, fill your inbox with memes and think of coolest merchandise for you (among other things like registering all new members and taking minutes at board meetings). Again, it really is the best function and I'm really excited to get the chance to lead our awesome association this year!

Treasurer of board 2020-2021
Laura Loenen
Treasurer of the 30th board of CognAC


Heyhello everyone,
My name is Laura Loenen and I am a fourth year AI student. 22 years ago I was born in Wijchen, which is exactly 11 minutes with the train from Nijmegen. Even though this is very close, I have been living in Nijmegen for almost 3 years now. I chose to study in Nijmegen not only because I really liked the study, I also fell in love with the atmosphere within the study association, on campus and in the city. I mean, who doesn’t like to have a beach in the middle of their city center, am I right?

During the orientation week I already became enthusiastic about CognAC because of the amazing people and decided to join the association. I will not bore you with naming all the committees I have done in the last four years, but I am very happy I decided to take the extra step of doing a board year. I hope to learn a lot about bookkeeping, but mostly I am looking forward to, together with my fellow board members, make it a great year for CognAC filled with awesome activities for you guys!

Next to studying and trying to visit as many CognAC activities as possible, I like playing games on my Nintendo Switch, do sports like squash and fitness, and chilling/drinking a beer with friends. If you would like to have a chat, have any questions or want to challenge me to a game of squash or Mario party, you can always approach me in the hallways, come by at the board room or contact me via

Chief of External Affairs of board 2020-2021
Micha Lobbezoo
Chief of External Affairs of the 30th board of CognAC

Chief of External Affairs

Hi everyone!
My name is Micha Lobbezoo and I am in my third year of the Bachelor Artificial Intelligence. I am the Chief of External Affairs in the 30th board of Study Association CognAC. This function includes having contact with companies and organizing activities with them. I also arrange career related activities for the members of association.

I lived in Middelburg before I moved to Nijmegen for my study. I love going to the beach in Zeeland and enjoy the freedom and nature there. In my free time, I like to go for a swim or listen to music. When I started with my study 2 years ago, I moved to Nijmegen.

During my first year studying Artificial Intelligence I joined some committees within CognAC. I started in the Party&Co and joined the DAtA later in the year. Besides that, I also worked on the current corporate identity design that we use now as association. In my second year, I organised the Beta Gala together with the other associations. Currently I am in the DAtA, External Committee, Symposium Committee and the Beta Gala Committee.

If you have any suggestions for new companies to collaborate with, career related events organize or something else, feel free to email me via

Chief of Internal Affairs of board 2020-2021
Elizardo Laclé
Chief of Internal Affairs of the 30th board of CognAC

Chief of Internal Affairs

Hey there amazing person!
My name is Elizardo Laclé and I am a third year Bachelor student of Artificial Intelligence (surprise surprise). I'm 21 years old and I have the honour of being the Chief of Internal Affairs this year! This means that you can contact me about anything related to CognAC and specifically committees.

My first interaction with CognAC, as most others, was during the orientation. Everyone I met was so nice and social but also just that tiny bit quirky which felt like cloud nine. As I am a very social person I wanted to get in contact with more people so I joined the 1C. After this Kim convinced me to join the AlmanaC and I got 'lured'* into the OrC which I both enjoyed wholeheartedly. I am currently expanding my committee horizon by both being CognAC's Intern, helping the 1C and the OrC, as well as joining the LoLCo and WebC. However there are a lot more committees on my list!
*We were at the Active Member Activity and the OrC needed extra members so Hannah, Jamie and Marleen kind of said: 'Hey join the OrC, it's fun!'

My goal of this year is to make all members of CognAC feel even more welcome to this family of amazing people and show them how fun and rewarding committees can be.

Apart from my studies and CognAC I am also a 'busy bee' in my personal life. I play flute in an orchestra in my home town, I act in musical and theatre pieces with an amazing group of people and somehow still finding the time to hang with friends.

So if you ever want to have a chat about CognAC (or anything else) just send me a message or approach me in person (when it's allowed again at least ;p). If you are curious about which committees would fit you, if you'd have enough time for one or just how a committee works you can always email me via

Chief of Education of board 2020-2021
Lelia Erscoi
Chief of Education of the 30th board of CognAC

Chief of Education

Hey there!
My name is Lelia, I am a 20-year-old international student from Romania, and I am currently in my third year of AI. I am very excited to be the Chief of Education for the XXXth board of CognAC this year!!!

How did I get here? First of all, I had an amazing intro week, where I was so surprised by how lovely everyone was- even though I joined halfway, it already felt like I was part of a family! I soon signed up for the InC and more committees to follow; now I'm also in the AlmanaC, SC, SymCo, and the PC! I was also an APS mentor and an intro parent and which made me appreciate the people in CognAC even more.

Besides my studies, I spend my time baking, watching investigation documentaries, and growing my collection of plants in the hope that, one day, I could get a more...dynamic pet.

For this year, I decided to take on a challenge and become part of the board. So, if you're ever in need of a book, a tutor, anything education-related, or just want to chat, you can reach me at!

All pictures taken by Arne - @manual.override