Board of 2019-2020

Chair of board 2019-2020
Evelien van Dijk
Chair of the 29th board of CognAC


Hi all!
My name is Evelien van Dijk, and I am the Chair of CognAC this year. I'm 20 years old and in my third year of the AI bachelor. Until I started university, I lived in The Hague, near the beach. Now I have lived in Nijmegen for two years and I am still very happy here.

I joined CognAC during the introduction week, and since then I have been visiting all sorts of activities monthly. In my first year I only joined the OrC halfway through the year. Before this I was a bit hesitant to join a committee because I also already was a member of another student association, Ovum Novum. But, in the second year I got more involved within CognAC and even got interested in doing a board year, and that is how I ended up here. I feel very honoured to be in the board of CognAC this year and am very excited to make the most of it!

Next to CognAC, I go to Ovum weekly to join activities, try to earn some money working, play sports, and just chill with friends whenever I can (if I don’t have to study). I have also been an APS mentor last year and very much enjoyed this.

If you ever have a question about how CognAC works or anything about what I/we do, feel free to ask me! Or if you would just like to have a chat, you can always stop by the board room. For questions or if there is anything else, you can send an email to

Secretary of board 2019-2020
Maike Berkhof
Secretary of the 29th board of CognAC


Hey guys!
My name is Maike, and I will be CognAC's secretary this year! I am 22 years old, and this year will be my third year of studying Artificial Intelligence here in Nijmegen. I moved to Nijmegen two years ago. Before I lived here, I lived in Baarn, with my parents and their two adorable dogs. I used to study Humanistic studies in Utrecht, but that turned out to be... well, let's say that it just wasn't my thing. AI, however, I loved from the moment I got here! During my introduction I immediately discovered the amazing AI and CognAC community here, which made Nijmegen feel like home almost immediately.

I have always been a member of at least one committee in CognAC (1C, InC, SC, WkC19b represent!). At first, committees confused me a lot, since I didn't really understand the concept yet when I started my first one. However, after a while I got the hang of it and found out that I love to organize activities, especially for CognAC people 😊 Also, they're very gezellig!

When I am not spending my time on either study- or CognAC-related stuff, I like to spend my time hanging out and going out with people, relaxing, doing random stuff I run into and get excited about (I have been trying to learn some Russian on Duolingo lately), or doing artsy stuff like painting, drawing, and playing piano and the ukulele.

And now, I'm in the board! I am super excited about representing CognAC and I will try my best to provide you with the best memes every week (among other stuff, of course. I'll also put my heart and soul into registering all new members properly, replying to everyone's e-mails in decent manner, getting you guys cool merchandise... The list goes on!). If you ever have any questions or just feel like having a conversation, you can send me an e-mail (, approach me in the hallways, or find me in the board room on Mondays during the break!

Treasurer of board 2019-2020
Kim Bladder
Treasurer of the 29th board of CognAC


Hi everyone,
My name is Kim Bladder and I'm a second year Artificial Intelligence student. 18, almost 19, years ago I was born in Deurne, which is a town in the "gezellige" Brabant. After crossing off a lot of studies from my list, because no study completely fit me, I found the AI program in Nijmegen. Not only did the study interest me, I also fell in love with the atmosphere in the city and on campus, which is why I decided to study here.

During the orientation week I already noticed the enthusiastic and sweet community of CognAC and decided to join the association. As I first wanted to get some experience, I started my committee work with the Parents day Committee. After half a year I also joined the AlmanaC Committee and the Travel Committee. Next to that I decided to accept a bigger challenge and get some more experience by joining the board. This is why this year you will be able to refer to me as the Treasurer of CognAC. I'm glad to be a part of this community and I hope that by doing a board year, I can help keeping up this relax and friendly atmosphere within CognAC.

Next to studying and CognAC, I like playing volleyball, watching Netflix, and chatting with friends. If you would like to have a chat or if you have any questions, you can always approach me in the hallways, come by at the board room or contact me via

Chief of External Affairs of board 2019-2020
Aline Boels
Chief of External Affairs of the 29th board of CognAC

Chief of External Affairs

Hi everyone!
My name is Aline Boels, I'm 21 years old and I'm in my third year of the Bachelor now. This year I will represent the association as Chief of External Affairs. That means that I will be the main contact person towards our sponsors and I will arrange the sponsored and career related activities, of which some in collaboration with the XC.

I'm originally from Delft, but two years ago I moved to Nijmegen to study AI here. In my first year, I decided to join the 1C to see whether a committee was something for me. I became treasurer and I really enjoyed it, so when the 1C was over, I decided to join the DAtA. In my second year I was a member of the SweC and we organized a study trip to our sister association in Sweden.

After being involved in the association for two years I became more and more enthusiastic about CognAC, so that's why I decided to do a board year this year. Next to being in the board of CognAC this year, I'm also a member of student association Ovum Novum and in my free time I like to go horseback riding or other sports at the sports center, like wall climbing or swimming.

If you have any questions, suggestions for new companies to contact, career related events to organize or something else, feel free to send an email to or go to the board room on Wednesdays in the break!.

Chief of Internal Affairs of board 2019-2020
Jamie Aartsen
Chief of Internal Affairs of the 29th board of CognAC

Chief of Internal Affairs

Hey all,
My name is Jamie Aartsen, I am 20 years old and this year I am the Chief of Internal Affairs of CognAC. I grew up in Lewedorp, the youngest town of the beautiful province that is Zeeland, moved to Goes halfway through high school and finally have been living in Nijmegen since I started my AI bachelor, of which I am in my third year now.

I really enjoyed my introduction and thus it didn’t take me long to join CognAC. As I was still figuring out whether committees were my thing, I only joined 1C in the beginning, but after one semester stepped my game up by joining the Orientation Committee and International Committee and I chaired both in my second year. So far, being part of this association has given me a great welcoming feeling and has been a big positive learning experience for me in which I made a lot of friends and improved lots of my skills. This year as go-to person for committees I hope to pass along that feeling and experience to all other members of CognAC.

Besides doing a board year and studying, I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, read, playing the guitar and, whenever I am in Zeeland, I love to go sailing.

Apart from my studies and CognAC I am also a 'busy bee' in my personal life. I play flute in an orchestra in my home town, I act in musical and theatre pieces with an amazing group of people and somehow still finding the time to hang with friends.

you, how committees work, whether it fits your schedule, or if you would just like to chat with me, email me at or find me in the board room, TK, at CognAC activities, or roaming around university.

Chief of Education of board 2019-2020
Sven Berberich
Chief of Education of the 29th board of CognAC

Chief of Education

Dear there!
My name is Sven Berberich and this year I will be the Chief of Education of CognAC. I am 22 years old and a third year Bachelor student. I moved here at the start of my study from Krefeld which is a city in Germany close to Düsseldorf.

As Chief of Education I am in charge of managing the tutoring network, keeping the online bookstore running, organizing book exchanges, staying in contact with the program and anything study related of CognAC, really.

I became active within CognAC at the start of my first year by joining the symposium committee for which I also became the chair. With this experience I decided to do two committees in my second year, namely the SC in which I was secretary for most of the year while taking over the position of chair later that year and the LolCo.

If you have anything you don't understand about the program, you need help with studying or have an idea which could help others in their studies or improve the program then please contact me via e-mail to, in person or drop by the board room on Fridays!

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