Board of 2017-2018

Chair of board 2017-2018
Bram van Asseldonk
Chair of the 27th board of CognAC


Dear all,
My name is Bram van Asseldonk, I am 21 years old and am proud to call myself Chair of this lovely association. Originally I am from Boekel, but I moved to Nijmegen in the first year of my studies. Currently I'm in my first year of the master programme, though that will be on the back burner for a bit.

As a first-year student I wasn't part of CognAC until the very end of the year; I joined so I could become an orientation week mentor. Joining CognAC turned out to be one of the best choices I ever made. In my second year, I joined the Weekend Committee and loved the experience. Then, in my third year I joined five committees (Activities Committee, DAtA (drinks committee), Discussion Committee, PaparaC (photography committee), Weekend Committee). Within CognAC I found many friends, awesome activities and opportunities. By joining the board, I hope to give something back, so that others can experience CognAC as positively as I have.

Whenever I'm not busy with my studies or the board, I like to just kick back and relax. I love exploring new music or watching series while enjoying good company and a fine craft beer.

If you ever have a question or remark, or if you just want to have a friendly conversation, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find me in the Board Room on Tuesdays during the break and on most of the activities. And of course you can always send an email to!

Secretary of board 2017-2018
Niels Wolters
Secretary of the 27th board of CognAC


Hey all,
I'm Niels Wolters, 20 years old, and I am the secretary of CognAC. I was born in Nijmegen and have lived here happily ever since. Although I am a third year AI student, I am doing only second-year courses and aim to get more ECs in my upcoming years than I did in the past ones.

During my first year I was not active within CognAC at all, only joining about three activities in a year. At the start of my second year I wanted to change this and I'm happy that I did. I joined four committees: the DAtA, Orientation Committee, Sports Committee, and the Activities Committee. With the Activities Committee I helped organising the S-Feest, where I worked together with students from other associations. This contact really boosted my interest to do a board year.

I have played football for 12 years and still like sports a lot. Furthermore, I like Shrek, watching series and the occasional elaborated cooking.

As I love what CognAC does for its members, I decided to apply for the board and have never regretted my decision ever since (partly due to the lovely other board members). As the secretary of CognAC I take the minutes, write the weekly mail, do the Facebook promotion and act as a live spam filter. My aim is to make sure everybody gets the information they need.

If you have any questions to me personally (literally about anything) or to 'somewhere' in CognAC, but don't know where to ask, you can contact me through

Treasurer of board 2017-2018
Lea Nugteren
Treasurer of the 27th board of CognAC


Hi there,
My name is Lea Nugteren. This year, you might know me as the treasurer of CognAC.

Furthermore, I enjoy hanging out with friends, listening to music, and making others happy (or at least, I try).

Besides doing CognAC things, I am doing quite a few TAships, I'm following my AI courses and I'm doing a minor in Computing Science.

If you ever have questions about board stuff, committees, courses, CS, something random, or you just want to chat: never hesitate to contact me! You can find me in the Board Room on Thursdays or send me an e-mail on (or send me a message).

Chief of External Affairs of board 2017-2018
Lennart Geertjes
Chief of External Affairs of the 27th board of CognAC

Chief of External Affairs

Dear all,
My name is Lennart Geertjes, I am 21 years old and a third year bachelor student. This year, I have the honour of representing CognAC as the Chief of External Affairs.

When I started studying, I was aware of CognAC's existence, but I was not aware of how much it comprised. Throughout my first year, when I joined the First years Committee and the Sweden Committee, I slowly learned what CognAC had to offer and it got a place in my heart. In my second year, I stepped it up a gear. I joined the Weekend Committee, Sweden Committee, Orientation Committee, and Sports Committee; also chairing the last one. Being in the board this year gives me a great chance to give something back to the association that has given me so much since I joined over 2 years ago.

Lastly, feel free to chat me up if you have a question, remark or just a good story (they are always welcome). You can also always send me an email on

Chief of Internal Affairs of board 2017-2018
Karcie Snoeijen
Chief of Internal Affairs of the 27th board of CognAC

Chief of Internal Affairs

Hi all,
My name is Karcie Snoeijen and I am 20 years old. I was born in a small town in Brabant and moved to Nijmegen at the start of my first year. I am currently enjoying my second year of the AI Bachelor. This year I am CognAC's Chief of Internal Affairs.

In the orientation week I was told how awesome CognAC was, so I immediately decided to join the First years Committee. After that, I became a member of the DAtA and later I also joined the Weekend Committee. Currently, I am a member of the Sweden Committee, however, due to my function I am up-to-date on all committees and help where needed.

Next to committee work, I enjoy sports (I am a member of both Phocas, the rowing club, and the volleyball club Heyendaal) and hanging out with my friends.

Besides being on the board, I am a mentor in the first year's mentor program. If you would like to know more about me, how committees work, which committee would be suited for you, if you'll have enough time to be in a committee or anything else, contact me! You can send me an e-mail on or you can find me walking around the university, in the Board Room or in the TK!

Chief of Education of board 2017-2018
Sanne de Kleijn
Chief of Education of the 27th board of CognAC

Chief of Education

Hey lovely CognAC'ers!
My name is Sanne de Kleijn, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently in my fourth and last year of the Bachelor AI.

In my second year, I was the chair of the Lustrum Committee, and this year, I am the first Chief of Education in the board of CognAC! During this year, I make sure that we're in close contact with the study programme, including the degree programme committees, and that everything education-related is handled well! I manage our book sales, set up a tutoring network and help out the Study Committee, Parents day Committee and Symposium Committee.

Besides studying and CognAC, I spend my time dancing (hiphop), going to the gym, or hanging out with my year-club at the student association Ovum Novum.

If you ever need to know anything about our programme, if you need help with anything education related or if you just want to have a chat about which courses are fun to take, swing by the Board Room on Mondays or send me a message on! :)