These are the books you will need for your courses:

1st year

Course Book
Introduction Cognitive Pscyhology Cognitive Psychology - Michael W. Eysenck
Academic and Professional Skills - 1 Research Methodology - Ranjit Kumar
Brain for AI An Introduction to Brain & Behavior - G. Cameron Teskey
Introduction Human-Computer Interaction Interaction Design - Yvonne Rogers
Introduction Artificial Intelligence A & B Artificial Intelligence - Poole & Mackworth
Introduction Robotics An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems - Michael Woolridge
Programming for AI 1 & 2 Intro to Java Programming - Y. Damiel Liang

2nd year

Course Book
Data Mining Introduction to Data Mining - Vipin Kumar
AI: Search, Planning & Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence - Poole & Mackworth
Cognitive Robotics Artificial Cognitive Systems - David Vernon
Assertion and Argumentation Logic in Computer Science - M. Huth
Bayesian Statistics Doing Bayesian Data Analysis - Kruschke John

3rd year

Course Book
Brain-computer Interfacing (BCI) Brain-Computer Interfaces - Wolpaw
Representation and Interaction Artificial Intelligence - Poole & Mackworth
Modern Software Development Techniques Design Patterns - John M. Vlissides