Where is it?

Tired of walking the same route from Huygens to Grotius* and back every time? Or have you never expanded your horizons beyond CC or Linnaeus? Then this is a great opportunity to get out there and explore the awesome place that is our campus. With a camera.

That's right, the MC has brought back 'Where is it?' with a fascinating new photo of some location on campus, and your job is to find out where the picture was taken!

To prove that you've indeed found the correct spot, send an email to mc@svcognac.nl with a selfie on the depicted location. The first to find it will be rewarded with an awesome prize!

Click here for the picture!

* I'm not sure which AI'ers go there except for exams, but it's part of campus so the location could be there too. Could be.

Message from the WebC

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