Where is it? (nov 2016)

'Where is it' has returned! 

We all wander around campus a lot, but some things maybe had not caught your eye before. It's time to get to know the place even better, so jump out of your chair, and go check every nook and cranny!

Click here to see the full photo! 

This time, your challenge is to find this... ehm... what is it, actually? It's definitely made of metal, and it has a little moss on it. It seems to be in front of a wall, which is covered by some vine-ish plants. Not sure if the leaves are still on there, though.


...Oh, before you actually jump out of your chair, make sure you don't forget your camera! The first one to take a selfie on the location of the picture (make sure it clearly shows the location of the photo in this article!) can win an awesome little prize!

Send your selfie to mc@svcognac.nl, and you can be the winner! Extra gift in addition to your prize if you can explain what exactly the object in the picture is used for.


Photo by Jeremy Constantin

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