Flashtalk: laptops

Are you getting tired of waiting on your laptop to have loaded a web page? Can't you run certain software just because your potato fails big time? Are you saving up your money to buy a brand new, well functioning laptop, but you're not sure which one to buy? Come to this flashtalk and you'll know all about what to keep in mind when finding a new laptop!

Mentor Info Drink

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mommy or daddy? But you’re not really into the whole diaper changing and getting up at 3 am in the night thing. Then this is your chance! Become an intro parent and you get not only one child but a whole football team of kids. And the best thing you can skip the diaper changing and puberty phase completely. Still not hyped? A speed date with one of the lovely OrC members might get you in the right mood! So join us at TvA 8.-1.15 and TvA 8.-1.14 for the Mentor Info Drink on the 19th of December at 18:00! And to make it even better in addition to some juicy info about the Intro there's gonna be free beer and it's another excuse to order pizza again. You don't want to miss this!

Climbing Workshop

Was monkey caging not enough for you and you want to relate even more to your evolutionary ancestors (aka monkeys for those who did not take biology)? Join us on the 20th of December at 7pm for the next SpoC activity: CLIMBING!! We will go to the Grip Klimcentrum for an introductory course and 2,5h of climbing.

Better Wear a Sweater in this Weather Drink

The DAtA is organising the last drink of 2017 already! Make sure to drop by Eurocafé De Buurvrouw on the 21st of december to send your fellow AI students off to a good christmas holiday. All of this is done in your craziest/ugliest/most awesome christmas sweater with hot cocoa and gluhwein, of course. We will also give out prizes for the best sweater, so don't be afraid to get creative!

Photoshop Workshop [Beginner]

Have you always wanted to become an Adobe Photoshop legend, but never really got into it because the programme has so overwhelmingly many options? Then this is your chance!

Message from the WebC

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